12:16 Video Anies Vs Ganjar Vs Prabowo, Who Can Solve RI’s Food Problem? News – 5 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- CNBC Indonesia Chief Economist, Anggito Abimanyu assesses that the food problem in Indonesia is quite complicated. Where high demand has not been able to be balanced with domestic food production capabilities.

Anggito considers this problem to be a general problem that the presidential and vice presidential candidate pair must be able to find a solution for in the 2024 presidential election. Both Anies-Muhaimin, Ganajr-Mahfud and Prabowo-Gibran are obliged to detect and look for strategies to overcome this protracted national problem, from food to energy.

What does a CNBC Indonesia editorial look like dissecting the vision and mission of the 2024 presidential and vice presidential candidates regarding strategies for overcoming economic problems? For complete details, see the review by Bramudya Prabowo and CNBC Indonesia Editors, Wiji Nurhayat with CNBC Indonesia Chief Economist, Anggito Abimanyu in Squawk Box, CNBC Indonesia (Friday, 27/10/2023)

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