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Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaBecoming a successful figure is everyone’s desire. However, becoming successful is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand. There are several processes that must be passed before achieving this.

Until now, there are still many people who are looking for ways or habits that can lead their lives to success.

Launching from CNBC Make Itorganizational psychologist and professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Adam Grant, revealed that there are 10 habits that successful people do that make a difference in their lives.

Anything? Here are 10 small changes in life that successful people make every day.

1. Get out of your comfort zone

According to Grant, one of the habits of successful people is getting out of their comfort zone. Not only that, successful people also usually make themselves feel uncomfortable.

“Chasing discomfort puts you on a faster path of development. If you want to be right, you have to feel wrong first,” said Grant, quoted Wednesday (8/11/2023).

2. Ask for advice, not feedback

For successful people, feedback (feedback) does not encourage them to move forward. Because feedback is about looking at things that have happened, not what will happen. Therefore, they prefer suggestions that ‘look’ forward.

“Suggestions are forward-looking. Through suggestions, people are just like guiding you,” said Grant.

3. Find trustworthy sources

Nowadays, there are many sources of information in the environment around you. Successful people have the ability to discover reliable source. Apart from that, they are also able to decide which information is worth receiving.

4. Aim for excellence, not perfection

According to Grant, success comes from the habit of maintaining high standards, not eliminating every existing deficiency and continuing to have the ambition to become a perfect person.

5. Make yourself the ‘judge’

For successful people, disappointing themselves is a bad thing that should not be done. Therefore, they think it is better to disappoint others than themselves.

To be your own judge, you must be someone who always considers and makes good decisions for yourself without always involving other people.

“Before you release something into the world, consider whether it represents you? If this were your only work, would you be proud?” Grant said.

6. Make routine a source of happiness

According to Grant, successful people always consider their daily activities to be a source of happiness. Therefore, you are advised to choose enjoyable activities to maintain your own happiness.

7. Dare to find a way out

Grant said that there is nothing wrong if someone decides to ‘turn around’ or ‘retreat’ when they reach a dead end on a problem.

According to him, even though it feels like experiencing a setback, ‘turning around’ or ‘retreating’ can be a way to find a new path and find a path to success.

8. Teach what you want to learn

The best way to learn is to teach something to someone else. Because, you can understand something better after explaining it to other people.

“Plus, you can remember it better once you take the time to memorize it,” says Grant.

“You can do this in a group with each member teaching a different skill or piece of information,” he continues.

9. Give other people a chance

Usually, successful people always open up opportunities for other people who are underestimated or don’t have great opportunities. Usually, successful people often monitor other people’s progress as a form of investment.

10. Make yourself proud

One of the things that motivates successful people to continue to develop is making themselves proud of their past.

“When you’re having trouble appreciating your own growth, try thinking about how your past self views your current accomplishments,” says Grant.

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