09:57 Video: The World is in Crisis! Where is it safer to save your money? My Money – 7 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- Global financial market turmoil and the Middle East war between Hamas and Israel have put pressure on the global economy. This was also experienced by Indonesia, which in Q3-2023 recorded economic growth of 4.94% (yoy), much lower than the previous quarter of 5.17% (yoy).

Of course, the current conditions of high interest rates and geopolitical turmoil are also influencing the capital market and domestic investment flows, so as a smart investor you need a strategy so that the placement of funds does not result in losses, instead you try to ensure that you still make a profit.

What is an investment strategy like in the midst of economic pressure? What should you pay attention to when investing at this time? For complete details, watch Savira Wardoyo and Shania Alatas’ review with CNBC Indonesia’s Financial Expert, Ayyi Achmad Hidayah in Investime,CNBCIndonesia (Monday, 06/11/2023)

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