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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Author of the book “I Will Teach You to Be Rich,” Ramit Sethi explained his opinion about the mindset that every person who wants to do business must have.

And it is quite surprising that Sethi in his tweet on social media X said that, if you believe these five sentences, then it will thwart your efforts to have a business.

The sentence meant by Sethi is:

– I have no idea

– I don’t know where to start

– I don’t like wasting time on something that doesn’t work (as intended)!

– I don’t like selling

– This is not a good time

Master yourself

Sethi immediately responded to the tweet with a link to his personal website, but Sethi reminded again that these five thoughts must be identified well.

Maybe, you have to admit which one or how many sentences out of the five sentences are quite close to you. Once you can identify it, then you can try to make the sentence not affect you.

As a result, you can establish and run your business well.

Starting a business can certainly be done by knowing the goals and big picture first.

Start with questions about what is your background for opening a business? What business do you want to start and why? And how do you see your business in the future?

When this has been answered, you can of course learn and start doing business in a field that you know first with small capital.

Know that the learning demands for a businessman are quite large because the business world will experience rapid development.

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