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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The action of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo recently went viral on social media. Because, the gridiron star was seen muttering something before taking a penalty kick during the 2024 European Cup qualifier between Portugal and Slovakia, Friday (13/10/2023).

In a short video on X (formerly Twitter), Ronaldo’s lips can be seen moving Bismillah.

Pronunciation Bismillah itself is one of the verses in the holy book Al Quran. Has the meaning ‘in the name of Allah’, Bismillah It is usually said by Muslims as a form of prayer when starting a good deed.


Ronaldo confidently took a penalty in the first half before scoring from close range in the second half.

CR7’s two-goal contribution saw Portugal secure a 3-2 win and ensure their place in next summer’s European Championship, according to MARCA.

Saudi Arabia’s influence on Ronaldo

Previously, Sports Brief reported that Cristiano Ronaldo performed a traditional Saudi dance after scoring two first-half goals for Al-Nassr in their Saudi Pro League match against Al-Shabab.

His precise execution from the penalty spot prompted Ronaldo to reveal his dancing skills, as the 38-year-old momentarily put aside his trademark ‘Siuuu’ celebration to showcase Saudi culture with his dance moves.

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