Want a Bright Future? Here are Tips for Building Financial Freedom Tech – 20 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Financial independence is everyone’s dream, including young people. Unfortunately, Nielsen IQ research notes that 85% of the young generation in Indonesia still have an unhealthy financial condition.

For this reason, there are several things that young people must do if they want to achieve financial independence and have more focused and solid fund security in the future.as well ascan be used to prepare for various future needs.

Financial Planner, Sayoga Risdya Prasetyo said, This can be overcome if the younger generation has good discipline and financial literacy.

This must also be accompanied by several things, such as recording finances (expenses and income) to evaluate more optimal finances, then avoid consumer debt and start investing.

Specifically for investment, Sayoga describes this as a vehicle that can help accelerate the achievement of financial goals.

“If we only save normally in the bank, we will not get benefits in the form of returns, so our money actually doesn’t grow at all there. Even worse, it decreases, because its value is eroded by inflation (rising prices),” he said to CNBC Indonesia, Monday (2/10/2023).

It is important to know that no investment is risk-free. According to him, there are high risks with high potential returns, but there are also low risks with low potential returns.

For this reason, people need to start investing with small money first. He also advised not to rush, and to take the time to learn more about investing.

“If you start to understand, then you can put in more money. Don’t put all your money in investments that you don’t understand yet,” he explained.

If you already understand one investment asset, people are advised not to hesitate to diversify their investments into other assets. So that if one of the investments suffers a big loss, the investor does not lose 100% of his money.

“For example, someone is already proficient with deposit investments, then starts trying to invest in mutual funds,” he said.

One of the most important things is that people must invest regularly and monitor it, and choose safe investments that are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

As for beginners, Sayoga advises the younger generation to start investments that are low risk, liquid (easy to disburse), and do not require heavy analysis. For example, gold, mutual funds or deposits.

He said that this investment instrument is ideal if someone wants to use investment as a place to store emergency funds.

“Later, gradually when you understand, you can slowly learn about other investments that are more complicated and have the potential for greater returns,” added Sayoga.

Meanwhile, those who are experienced can choose investment assets that are more complicated but the returns tend to be greater, for example shares.

Even though investment is considered tempting, Sayoga still suggests that the younger generation can start investing once their emergency funds are met. So, when life is in an emergency, someone will not be tempted to take our investment funds.

“This emergency fund can be saved in the form of bank savings, gold or money market mutual funds. The important thing is that it is easy to disburse during an emergency. So, before discussing the various investment options with tempting returns out there, it’s better to just focus first on filling up your savings. this is an emergency,” he concluded.

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