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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Transmart Full Day Sale is back again giving out discounts to loyal customers today, Sunday (5/11). This all-day discount party lasts from shop opening hours until 22.00 local time at each Transmart outlet throughout Indonesia.

There are many products on sale, ranging from chicken meat, fresh fruit, household necessities, fashion, electronics, furniture, to electric bicycles. Discounts for a number of selected products are also not half-hearted, namely up to 50%.

There is also an additional discount of 20% for payments using Allo Prime, Allo Paylater, Bank Mega credit cards, and Mega Syariah.

It turns out that this cheap and festive opportunity was utilized as much as possible by the young couple. Inta admitted that she deliberately came to Transmart after reading the catalog that there were mattresses at cheap prices.

“We want to have guests, so we might as well buy something appropriate so that the guests can sleep comfortably at home,” said Inta at Transmart ITC BSD to CNBC Indonesia, Sunday (5/11/2023).

According to Inta, it is important to ensure that the mattress is comfortable for maximum sleep quality. On the other hand, Inta does not deny that she has searched online for mattress prices.

“I’ve looked at it online, but I can hold it so I’m more confident! That’s why it’s close to home, you can check it and take it home straight away, the price is okay, so just buy it here,” explained Inta.

Apart from buying a mattress, because she will welcome her relatives, Inta also plans to buy other household necessities.

Inta bought two units of Ryl Foam Grand

A young customer is choosing a mattress at Transmart ITC BSD, Banten, Sunday (5/11/2023).  /Teti PurwantiPhoto: Young customer choosing a mattress at Transmart ITC BSD, Banten, Sunday (5/11/2023). /Teti Purwanti
A young customer is choosing a mattress at Transmart ITC BSD, Banten, Sunday (5/11/2023). /Teti Purwanti

Apart from that, today at a special price there is also the Igoyo AFM Mattres1 90×200 mattress from the normal price of IDR 6,798,000 to IDR 3,399,000 and the Allo price IDR 3,059,100.

Igoyo AFM Mattres2 90×200 is priced at IDR 2,519,100 for the Allo price from the normal price of IDR 5,598,000 and the promo price of IDR 2,799,000.

Apart from that, for beds, there is a Fraser Daybed from the normal price of IDR 3,999,000 to only IDR 1,839,200. Meanwhile for mattresses, there is the Comforta Lively Plus Set 160×200 cm *HB Velos from the normal price of IDR 22,950,000/set to only IDR 7,872,000/set. . This means you can save up to IDR 15 million.

Then, there is also the Ameera Gemini Mattress 160×200 cm from the normal price of IDR 4,079,000 to only IDR 1,119,200. This price applies in Java, Sumatra and Bali. Meanwhile for Makassar, this mattress is priced at only IDR 1,199,200 from the normal price of IDR 4,439,000.

Interesting right? You can get all these prices if you make payments using Allo Bank, Bank Mega and Bank Mega Syariah. The discount can be up to 50%+20%.

So don’t forget to grab the discount at your nearest Transmart, right now!

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