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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Welcoming 2024, Trans Studio Bali offers nine exciting child-friendly activities. For your information, this indoor tourist attraction is open every day from 11.00 WIT to 18.00 WIT. However, on weekends it is closed until 19.00 WITA.

“As a family recreation park, Trans Studio Bali theme park provides a child-friendly play area,” said Trans Studio Bali PR Officer Sukma Widyantari, Thursday (16/11/2023).

Sukma explained that these activities are located in five zones, here are the details:

1. Ball Bath Adventure at the Kids Playground

This activity is great for developing children’s imagination in the underwater world area bathed in balls and exploring the safe multi-level playground. And children can also be free to adventure, learn and interact on the Kids Playground rides.

2. Exciting racing in Formula Kart

This ride can be played safely, where children accompanied by adults will compete to get their adrenaline pumping on a 240 meter track full of action.

3. Take a Hanging Photo at the Optical Illusion House

Here visitors can try to act as if they were hanging from an upside-down building, thanks to optical illustrations. Usually visitors take advantage of taking photos in unique styles at this location.

4. Play Ferris Wheel with the Giant Ring Master

Then, in this place visitors can enjoy the excitement of playing the Ferris wheel on the Puppet Master Ferris Wheel. This Ferris wheel is rotated by a giant ring master so that from above visitors can see the beauty of the surroundings.

5. Fly like a bat on the Bat Glider Track

Then in this no less exciting activity, visitors can see the theme park from a height on the Bat Glider ride. Accompanied by an adult, children will experience the thrilling sensation of riding a bat-shaped vehicle that flies at fantastic speeds.

6. Fly around Indonesia at FOI

This ride is one of the favorite rides for children and adults, because visitors will fly as if they were paragliding around Indonesia. Flying Over Indonesia will invite them to see the beauty of Raja Ampat, Mount Bromo, Borobudur Temple, Lake Kalimutu, Tanah Lot and many more.

In fact, not only flying above the sky, you will also be invited to experience what it’s like to dive into the beautiful marine nature of the archipelago, swim with dolphins and even enter the rainforest.

7. Feel the sensation of freefalling indoors

This attraction offers a skydiving experience, which can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Later, in the 16 meter high tunnel, visitors can feel the sensation of free falling from the sky.

Guided by experienced instructors and international standard tools and equipment, to continue flying safely at iFly Bali. Provided that the child’s height is above 95 centimeters and does not have a history of certain diseases.

8. Enjoy world class performances

After that, not only rides that can be played, there are also world-class performances that can be watched and enjoyed. Starting from the Simsalabim Show magic show on the CanCan stage, the life adventures of a Balinese girl named Gayatri on the Amphitheater stage, to seeing compass thieves in action at the forbidden temple, Temple Raider Stunt Stage. To conclude, take part in the Dream Festival Parade from Camera Zone to Adventure Zone.

9. Learn the Beauty of Bali at Bali Senses

For this last activity, it is actually the most targeted location for taking photos. Bali Senses combines various natural elements, culture and natural beauty of Bali with advanced digital art technology.

Not only that, the locations at Bali Senses are also interactive or when touched they seem to move or shift. Like walking on water or touching the flowers on the wall with your hands.

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