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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The process of dividing inheritance is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand. So what happens if someone has a father who was married more than once?

Talking about inheritance law, there are three inheritance laws that apply in Indonesia. The first is the inheritance law of the Civil Code, Islamic Inheritance Law, and customary inheritance law.

The following are the provisions on inheritance rights for children whose fathers are married more than once.

Children are definitely entitled to property along with their father and mother

As stated in Article 832 of the Civil Code, those who are blood related among the heirs, except for the husband or wife of the heir.

For example, A married a woman named B and had a child named C. Several years later, A divorced B, and A married a woman named D and had a child E.

In this case, E is entitled to the inheritance of his mother’s father, namely A and D. However, specifically for inheritance whose source comes from A, he must share it with C.

C has no right to D’s inheritance

In the context of A and D’s marriage, C is clearly categorized as a stepchild who is not related to D by blood. Therefore, C is not entitled to any inheritance that comes from D’s inherited assets, nor D’s assets which are divided after D dies.

What is the solution to inheritance matters for people like this?

This type of inheritance distribution issue is prone to disputes. Therefore wealth distribution planning is the solution.

Apart from making a will, it is important to have an agreement on the choice of inheritance law first between the heirs. And don’t forget, the application for determining the division of joint assets and inheritance must also be made from the start.

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