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Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaSometimes, buying a pivot apartment has many advantages. Apart from the many promotions, the prices are also more affordable. Of course, you can save expenses this way.

However, of course this cannot be done haphazardly. You must be familiar with the story of the stalled apartment project.

Therefore, pay attention to the things below before you buy an apartment by pivoting, in order to avoid default.

Get to know the purpose of buying an apartment

Property assets are important, and attractive promotions for pivot purchases are everywhere.

It’s natural that we are suddenly tempted to buy these assets. However, considering that apartment prices are not cheap, evaluate our financial goals on this one.

Because every expensive asset purchase, whether cash or credit, requires a long-term commitment.

Are you ready for this big expense? There is no harm in reviewing or evaluating your financial goals before making a decision.

Find out about permits before buying

Marketing of flats or apartments can actually be done when the building is not yet finished, this is stated in article 42 paragraph 1 of Law number 20 of 2011. However, there are certain conditions that must be met, namely:

  1. The certainty of space allocation is shown through a city plan statement that has been approved by the Regional Government.

  2. Certainty of land rights shown through a land title certificate.

  3. Certainty of the ownership status of the condominium, namely in the form of a Certificate of Ownership of the condominium unit or in the form of a certificate of ownership of the condominium unit building.

  4. Permitting for the construction of flats is indicated through a Building Construction Permit (IMB).

Meanwhile, article 43 paragraph 2 of the Condominium Law states that flats can be bought and sold before construction is completed through a Sale and Purchase Agreement (PPJB), which is made before a notary as long as they have clear land ownership status, IMB, and developability of at least 20 % volume of flat building construction.

Get to know the project development timeline

As far as possible, be familiar with the project development timeline and changes in detail. The purpose of this is to anticipate delays in the construction process for the apartment we buy.

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