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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Again, the author of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad comments regarding Bitcoin. This time he linked digital assets to hyperinflation.

Through a tweet on his X account, Kiyosaki also never forgets to mention the two investment instruments gold and silver. He said these two instruments were very important to have, like food and weapons.

“100 years ago, Germans celebrated the hyperinflation event that brought Adolf Hitler to power. Are we going to celebrate a similar celebration now? I hope not. But our country’s leaders are very incompetent people,” read Kiyosaki’s tweet. in X (20/11/2023).

According to Kiyosaki, every country must learn from Germany and Zimbabwe regarding hyperinflation itself. When this event occurred, food was the most important as were weapons, gold and silver.

“But I believe Bitcoin is the best protection (from hyperinflation) because Bitcoin is the people’s money, that means the people control the value of Bitcoin, not the leaders. Be careful,” continued Kiyosaki’s tweet.

At the bottom of the tweet, there was also Kiyosaki’s follow-up tweet about the United States Dollar. Kiyosaki said that you might like the Dollar now because the Dollar is worthless.

Not a few people say that Bitcoin is an asset that has similar characteristics to safe haven instruments. However, Bitcoin fluctuations are quite high and the market for this digital asset is open 24 hours.

If you have never invested long-term at all, then it’s a good idea to start with gold.

Gold has been proven to be able to show good performance in times of economic shocks. The price of gold will rise amidst uncertainty, and gold can be purchased with small capital regularly according to the period you determine.

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