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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Because of her status as a serial wife, Mayangsari certainly cannot inherit from Bambang Trihatmodjo. So what happens if Bambang has life insurance? Can Mayangsari get it?

As reported InsertLive, Bambang Trihatmodjo himself reportedly pocketed wealth of IDR 28 trillion in 1998. Mayangsari herself succeeded in entering the Cendana Family clan by shifting Halimah’s position as Bambang’s wife.

Halimah’s attorney had said that Bambang’s assets would go to his biological children, namely Gendis Siti Hatmanti, Panji Adhikumoro, and Bambang Aditya Trihatmanto. It’s natural, because Bambang and Mayangsari’s marriage is a siri marriage, meaning it is only valid religiously.

So what happens if Bambang has life insurance? Can Mayangsari be a beneficiary? Following is the discussion.

Life insurance sum assured is not an inheritance

The distribution of inheritance is based on inheritance law, of which there are three in Indonesia, namely the Civil Code inheritance law, Islamic inheritance law and customary inheritance law.

Meanwhile, the basic principle of life insurance is insurable interest, or the principle of financial impact that arises if one party experiences a disaster then another party is affected.

So, as a serial wife, can Mayangsari be declared to have an insurable interest relationship with Bambang?

An insurable interest relationship can certainly arise when two people are bound by a legally recognized marriage.

When two pairs of husband and wife marry in a serial manner, this indirectly violates the principle of an insurable interest relationship. For this reason, it is very likely that the life insurance company will reject the insured’s application if the wife is appointed as the beneficiary.

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