RI’s Neighbors Angry, TikTok-FB Blocks Pro-Palestinian Content Tech – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Malaysia condemned the actions taken by TikTok and Meta, Facebook’s parent company. The reason is that the two social media giants are said to have blocked pro-Palestinian content.

This criticism came from the Malaysian Minister of Communications, Fahmi Fadzil. He said he would not hesitate to take a firm stance on the actions of these platforms.

“If this problem is left unchecked, I will not hesitate to take a firm approach and attitude,” said Fadzil, quoted from Reuters, Thursday (26/10/2023).

This firm step also seems to be getting support. Because Fahmi said that many parties are asking the government to take firm action on platforms that limit pro-Palestinian content.

He added that Malaysian people have freedom of opinion regarding Palestine. This right will also never be revoked.

Reuters reported that Tiktok and Meta representatives did not immediately respond to comments regarding this matter.

The war between Israel and Hamas can also be felt in cyberspace. A number of people voiced support for both sides.

However, on the other hand, social media has also received a lot of criticism for suppressing and even blocking pro-Palestinian content. Instagram, another Meta subsidiary, has been accused of suppressing content that expresses support for the Palestinian people.

A number of Instagram users reported uploaded content about support for Palestine shadow banned by platforms. According to them, the content views are also less than other posts and the account is difficult to find in the search feature.

Instagram also reportedly added the word ‘terrorist’ to the bio of a user who wrote himself as Palestinian. Meta apologized for the incident and admitted that he had fixed the problem due to the Arabic translation error.

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