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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Various modes of fraud are increasingly developing and targeting those who are careless. As people’s interest in investing in the capital market increases, there are more and more modes that offer investment with fantastic returns,

This mode seeks to provide the promise of multiple profits with minimal capital and in a short time. This often makes people or investors tempted and give their money to the perpetrators as investment capital.

This method of fraud, which is increasingly developing and ensnaring the public, means that the Financial Services Authority (OJK) cannot remain silent. OJK continues to provide financial literacy education, one of which is through a webinar entitled “Beware of New Style Fraud Modes” in August 2023.

OJK stated that there is a fairly large gap in levels of financial literacy and financial inclusion. Where the level of financial inclusion in 2022 will reach 85.10%, while the literacy rate will only reach 49.68%.

The low level of financial literacy indicates that some people who use financial products and services still do not have an adequate understanding of the products and services they use.

This of course raises the potential risk of people using financial products and managing finances that do not suit their needs. They are also at risk of being exploited by criminals through various modes of fraud, one of which is fraudulent or fictitious investments.

Fraudulent or fictitious investment is a form of fraud in which potential victims are offered to invest a certain amount of funds that will be used as business capital, or developed through a particular investment vehicle that does not actually exist.

To attract the victim’s attention, the perpetrator will offer a return or value returns high accompanied by various false information regarding returns or returns which often has fantastic value in a short time.

Not a few of the victims have poured out funds from their savings to take part in fraudulent or fictitious investment programs and ended up experiencing huge losses. Therefore, people need to be wise in choosing and making investment decisions so as not to be trapped by fake or fictitious investments.

5 Characteristics of Bogus or Fictitious Investments

Fraudulent or fictitious investments can be easily recognized through various characteristics. By understanding these characteristics, people can avoid fraudulent or fictitious investments. Following are the characteristics.

1. Short Time Period With Fantastic Returns

Fraudulent investments usually promise rewards or returns high in a short time. This offer is even packaged in certain forms of investment such as gold, mutual funds, savings or online investment programs via the internet followed by a regular investment return agreement, so that potential victims feel confident in investing their funds.

2. On behalf of an institution or financial institution

To increase the credibility of their fraudulent investment products, perpetrators often use or use the names of well-known financial institutions or institutions. It even includes the identity of the institution so that potential victims feel more confident about investing their funds.

3. Do not have clear permission

Fraudulent or fictitious investments usually do not include the name of the regulator (supervisor) who oversees them, such as the OJK. This is because the investment was carried out illegally and did not obtain permission from the OJK.

4. The process for placing funds is not clear

Next is the unavailability of clear and valid information regarding the investment products offered and the names of the companies selling these investment products. Apart from that, fraudulent investments also do not have a clear fund disbursement system and the process of placing funds does not go through the financial services institution that offers the product.

5. There is a bonus if you get new users

Fraudulent investments usually require investors to look for new customers, with the promise of big profits if they succeed in getting new customers. If you receive an offer like this, please check the validity of the program in question on the official channel of the institution or financial services institution mentioned by the investor.

3 Tips to Avoid Getting Trapped in Fraudulent Investments:

1. Don’t be easily tempted by high returns

One way to differentiate between safe investments and fraudulent investments is by comparing the interest rates (deposits) offered by banks. If reward/returns What is promised is far more than deposit interest, it could be that the offer is a fraudulent investment.

2. Look for information on the investment products offered

As potential investors, customers need to know more about the investment products offered. These include the prospectus, information related to the fund disbursement system including the profile of the investment manager who manages the product and how track record-his.

3. Choose an OJK Licensed Investment Product

Before deciding to invest further, you need to know whether the investment product has received permission and is supervised by a regulator such as the OJK. If the product offered is in the form of mutual funds or other securities, it is necessary to ensure that the investment manager is certified and has an official permit and is supervised by the OJK.

If you are offered to buy an investment product in the name of Maybank Indonesia, you need to find further information about the product by visiting the official website Maybank, contact Maybank Customer Care, or by visiting the nearest Maybank Indonesia branch office directly to get more complete information.

Apart from that, customers can also directly visit the official Maybank Indonesia website at the following link This.

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