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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Capturing every interesting moment becomes our daily habit. That way, every interesting moment and event can be remembered and not quickly lost.

This habit is also supported by the presence of smartphones which can make users more creative in creating more cinematic recording memories. Every memory and beautiful moment can now be immortalized beautifully by the flagship Samsung S23 Series 5G series.

This series comes with improved photography features that can capture natural experiences and views to be more epic and less complicated. There is no need to wait to become a professional photographer to get quality or cinematic photo and video results.

Cinematic video itself is a visual style that imitates the aesthetics of feature films. In this video, composition, dramatic lighting, and smooth camera movements are the main keys.

The Samsung S23 can support all of this because this smartphone is equipped with various interesting features. This series is equipped with a 12 MP front camera and four rear cameras. The smartphone’s four rear cameras consist of a 200 MP main camera, a 12 MP ultrawide camera (f/2.2), a 10 MP telephoto camera (f/2.4, 3x optical zoom), and a 10 MP telephoto camera (f/2.4, 10x optical zoom). ).

The main camera is even equipped with an Isocell HP2 sensor with a pixel size of 0.6 micrometers. This sensor is capable of producing super detailed images and has the latest pixel binning capabilities, namely Tetra2pixel. Thanks to Tetra2pixel, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G camera can simulate different pixel sizes to produce good light captures.

The Galaxy S23 Series camera is also equipped with a multitude of advanced features such as Dual Pixel technology which makes the autofocus function faster and more accurate, while still maintaining color quality and detail in photos.

Users can complete cinematic video needs through Pro mode which can be used for videos and photos. With this mode, users can set their own brightness or ISO level, shutter speed, exposure (EV), white balance, recording focus point, and set the microphone to record sound.

Users can also choose the ratio of recorded images and set the resolution according to needs. For cinematic video recording, you can use a 16:9 video ratio with a minimum resolution of 1080p and a frame rate of 24 fps or 30 fps.

In fact, the Samsung S23 is also equipped with an 8K recording feature with a frame rate of up to 30 fps. This combination can create more vivid video results with more accurate details and smoother image movement.

No need to worry about the video being blurry when taking pictures during intense activities, because this device has 2x wider OIS and Adaptive VDIS which makes the video results more stable.

Apart from that, also take advantage of the Auto Framing feature to track & lock the object being recorded, including when the object is moving a lot.

Uniquely, on this smartphone, users can take photos of very distant objects such as stars, moon, mountain peaks, buildings, and so on. The reason is that the Samsung S23 already has the ability to zoom on the Galaxy S23 Series by simply sliding the zoom settings panel at the bottom of the screen in the camera application.

Some settings that are often used are 0.5x or wide lens, 3x zoom, 10x zoom, 30x zoom, up to 100x zoom on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Its function can be adjusted to the situation and object you want to immortalize.

To activate it, users simply go to Camera and select the 0.6x zoom option. For photo subjects at a distance of less than 10 m, users can maximize the 2x and 3x zoom features. Next, use the 10x zoom option to take photos at a distance of less than 100 m. If you want to take photos from quite a distance, users can maximize the 30x and 100x zoom features.

The 30x zoom feature can be used to take images that focus on an object from a distance, namely around 500 meters. Apart from all the advantages above, users can also determine their own zoom according to their shooting needs, for example 2.5x and 8.3x.

There is also a Focus Lock setting which functions to make shooting more optimal. This setting is useful for locking exposure and focus on the lens. To use it, you just have to press and hold the photo subject you want to lock on the cellphone screen.

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