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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A nearly 100-year-old cardiologist has a number of ways to enjoy a long life.

Reported by CNBC Make It, the cardiologist is 95 years old named Reizo. He is a resident of Osaka, Japan. The grandfather is described as someone who is still fit and healthy even though he is almost a century old.

His descendants also revealed Reizo’s routine so he was able to live a long life. Here are eight routines:

1. Routinely walk in the morning

Grandfather’s grandson, Mika Cribbs, said that every day his grandfather and grandmother always woke up early. Starting at 5 am, the two of them started walking around the house for 30 minutes to an hour with a total of 7 thousand steps.

“My grandparents used their morning walks to start their day with enthusiasm,” said Cribbs.

2. Exercise regularly

After walking, Cribbs’ grandparents continued their activities with light exercise, namely stretching and training their strength and balance.

According to Cribbs, his grandparents had different exercises each day. Usually, sports are chosen based on ability and need to ensure he remains active without stressing his body.

3. Caring for relationships with loved ones

After exercising, Cribbs’ grandparents always took time to open Facebook and Instagram. Apart from socializing with family, they use social media to improve emotional well-being.

A study found that social isolation in elderly people causes high levels of loneliness, especially among men. Therefore, using social media can be one way to avoid feeling lonely.

4. Write

“Since 2014, my grandfather has taken a few minutes almost every day to write his thoughts, experiences and views on a blog. Currently, he has more than a thousand posts,” said Cribbs.

5. Enjoying Art and Creating

Apart from writing blogs, the 95 year old grandfather also expresses himself through works of art, such as painting.

“My grandfather was also an artist. Every day, he would sit down and draw a portrait of himself,” Cribbs said.

“He was very careful when drawing lines, shading and details. That was also what my grandfather did to understand himself better,” he continued.

6. Exploring New Hobbies

It turns out that exploring new experiences and hobbies can not only be done by young people, but also the elderly.

During the pandemic, the elderly from Osaka started new hobbies by gardening, playing a new musical instrument to help with breathing and swallowing, learning new skills, and going on new adventures.

7. Take regular naps

Of all the activities, Cribbs’ grandparents never missed a nap to ‘recharge’ the energy that had been used up half the day. Typically, they take their first nap at 8 or 9 in the morning and afternoon.

“The awareness of knowing when to rest plays a big role in longevity,” said Cribbs.

8. Always eat delicious food

One of the secrets of a long and happy life for Japanese people is to experience the pleasures of life by consuming delicious food, such as meat, cheese and wine.

“However, usually my grandmother always served healthier food, such as various types of vegetables which were processed into Japanese-style curry,” said Cribbs.

Japanese society is known for holding the concept of “ikigai,” or “sense of purpose,” that is, not referring to the sole guide to good health and happiness. The most important thing is to find your life purpose and pursue it with care, intention and happiness.

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