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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – It turns out that the trend of “borrow a hundred” jokes has also ‘poisoned’ Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin. This was demonstrated at the Coldplay ‘Music of the Spheres World Tour’ concert in Jakarta at the Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Main Stadium, Wednesday (15/11/2023).

After performing the songs “Higher Power” and “The Scientist”, the 46 year old vocalist threw rhymes at the audience with joke sentences that went viral among Indonesian netizens while playing the piano.

“Tuesday is the physics exam,” said Chris, which was greeted by the answer “Cakeeep,” from the audience.

“Tuesday is the physics exam. Study hard to pass. How is Jakarta? Can you borrow a hundred,” he continued, greeted by laughter, cheers and applause from the audience.

Not only “Borrow a hundred first”, the British singer also has other rhymes that are no less interesting for the audience. This time, he mentioned a local coffee shop brand.

“Walk all the way to Senayan, in the afternoon buy Tuku. My Jakarta is the city of dreams, Coldplay is here for all of you,” said Chris.

The phenomenon of Chris’s rhymes was warmly welcomed by most Indonesian netizens, even those who did not witness Coldplay’s performance live at GBK. Of the two rhymes, “Borrow a hundred first” is the one that attracts the most attention.

Actually, what is the origin of the joke phrase “Borrow a hundred first”?

On social media, the sentence “First borrow a hundred” begins with “So that the friendship is not broken” so that it becomes a complete rhyme in the form of “So that the friendship is not broken, first borrow a hundred”. Netizens often use this rhyme as a joke until it goes viral.

The origin of the rhyme “So that the relationship is not broken, first borrow one hundred” is said to have been inspired by the habit of a number of Indonesian people who often borrow money from their relatives.

Generally, the topic of borrowing money always starts with asking about news under the guise of maintaining ties of friendship. Therefore, the sentence “So that the friendship is not broken” appears as the opening of the rhyme.

Meanwhile, the phrase “First borrow a hundred” is said to have appeared because quite a few people borrowed Rp. 100 thousand from their relatives, but never returned it.

Apart from being used as a joke, the rhyme “So that the relationship is not broken, borrow one hundred first” is also used by netizens to satirize people who often borrow money and have not or have difficulty paying back the borrowed money.

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