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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – WhatsApp launched two new security features. This feature is expected to protect users from fraud and cyber attacks.

“Protecting user privacy and security is necessary so that WhatsApp can achieve its mission to accommodate credible personal communications,” said the company, quoted Thursday (9/11/2023).

One of these features is Protect IP Address in Calls. With this feature, fraudsters cannot find out someone’s IP address and insert security holes, aka bugs.

“In October 2023, WhatsApp will start launching Protect IP Addess in Calls, which will hide your IP from other parties by forwarding calls via the WhatsApp Server,” said the platform, quoted from the Engineering FB page, Thursday (9/11/2023).

Another feature is Silence Unknown Callers which was released last June. The feature will silence annoying calls. Apart from that, it also blocks cyber attacks that come to the platform.

WhatsApp has developed a new technology, privacy tokens. Users can decide which users can be trusted or not.

Next, the server will validate the token against several factors. So, it will determine whether the telephone receiver allows incoming calls or not.

“For the privacy of our users, the server does not learn anything about the relationship between the caller and the token recipient,” WhatsApp said.

WhatsApp explains the feature will be combined with other protections. “Security features will be combined with other protections to keep people safe on WhatsApp,” the company said.

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