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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) sealed the work space of Financial Audit Board (BPK) VI member Pius Lustrilanang. This sealing was the aftermath of a sting operation carried out by the Corruption Eradication Committee (KPK) against Sorong Regent Yan Piet Mosso.

“It was done correctly, we checked yesterday with investigators that the sealing was indeed carried out,” said Firli in a press conference at his office, Jakarta, Tuesday (14/11/2023).

Firli has not explained Pius’ connection to the case being handled by the KPK. According to him, sealing was done so that the room remained sterile. He said the Corruption Eradication Commission would certainly carry out a confiscation if evidence of corruption was found in Pius’ office.

“The sealing of the room is related to allegations of corruption committed by members of the BPK who we have arrested today. Of course, the connection between BPK VI members still requires requests for further information and evidence,” said Firli.

Previously, the Corruption Eradication Committee (KPK) officially named 6 people as suspects in the OTT against the acting Regent of Sorong, Yan Piet Mosso. Apart from Yan Piet, the Corruption Eradication Commission also officially awarded suspect status to two of its subordinates, namely the Head of BPKAD Sorong Efer Segidifat; Sorong BPKAD staff Maniel Syatfle. Yan Piet and his subordinates were named as suspects in giving bribes.

Meanwhile, the three other people named as suspects are the Head of West Papua BPK Representative Patrice Lumumba Sihombing; Head of West Papua BPK Subaud Abu Hanifa; and Chair of the Examination Team David Patasaung. Three BPK employees were named as suspects in receiving bribes.

Firli said that Yan Piet and his subordinates were suspected of giving money in connection with the conditioning of the audit report carried out by the West Papua BPK. The case began when a central BPK leader issued a letter of assignment for an Inspection with Specific Purposes (PDTT) for Sorong Regency for the 2022 and 2023 fiscal years.

“From the results of the inspection, the BPK found a number of financial reports that could not be accounted for,” said Firli.

Based on these findings, Yan Piet et al then established communication with the BPK audit team. From that communication, they agreed to give a certain amount of money so that the BPK’s findings could be erased.

Firli said that in this case the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) had confiscated an amount of Rp. 940 million and 1 Rolex brand watch. Apart from that, the KPK also suspects that the amount of money flowing to BPK officials is estimated at IDR 1.8 billion.

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