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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) highlighted the cold storage (refrigerator) project for fisheries and marine products which is often neglected. He also reminded that there should be improvements in governance so that it can benefit fishermen.

Jokowi conveyed this when inaugurating the Modern Fisherman’s Village in Biak Numfor, Papua, Thursday (23/11/2023). In his speech he said that he often found fishermen’s ‘giant refrigerators’ or abandoned cold storage.

“Lots of cold storages have been built in the past but stopped because they couldn’t pay for the electricity. They were built well but couldn’t run because of poor management,” said Jokowi.

The Fishermen’s Village, which is a program of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), is an area improvement for fishermen, which has cold storage facilities, an ice factory, fishermen’s workshops and tourist attractions. However, care and maintenance often fails.

So according to Jokowi, good management is needed, so that this facility can last a long time and continue to be used by fishermen. He also advised the KKP to continue providing assistance to create good governance.

“Prepare so that fishermen can make the best use of it, don’t let a good location like this fail again, accompany the fishermen on both technical and managerial matters, management is very important,” he explained.

After the inauguration, Jokowi also appreciated the existence of the ice factory and fishermen’s cooperative. So now local fishermen can get ice at a cheaper price.

“The selling price for a kilo of ice is usually Rp. 1,600, now it’s Rp. 800. Now this can work, meaning the cooperative can run, the fishermen also get a much cheaper price than before, half as much,” said Jokowi.

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