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Tokyo, CNBC Indonesia – Japan apparently still imports cars from Indonesia, even though they are from Japanese manufacturers. For example, Japan imports Toyota Town Ace cars to Mazda Bongo which are produced at the Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) factory in Karawang.

The appearance of this car roaming around the city of Tokyo is clearly visible. Based on monitoring by CNBC Indonesia, this car can be seen in various corners of Tokyo to Chiba. Daihatsu also admitted that the cars belonged to him.

“We make the Mazda Bongo at ADM. Of ADM’s total production capacity of 530 thousand, last year production was 562 thousand, 30% of which we exported to 80 countries, including Japan. We started this export in 2007,” said the Marketing Director and Corporate Planning and Communication Director PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) Sri Agung Handayani in Tokyo, Japan, Thursday (26/10/23).

Caught on camera a Japanese car roaming the highway.  (CNBC Indonesia/Ferry Sandi)Photo: Caught on camera by a Japanese car roaming the highway. (CNBC Indonesia/Ferry Sandi)
Caught on camera a Japanese car roaming the highway. (CNBC Indonesia/Ferry Sandi)

Starting in 2020, ADM exported the Gran Max under its original name and the Daihatsu brand. Previously, the Gran Max exported to Japan wore the Toyota logo with the name Town Ace. In terms of specifications, the Mazda Bongo is similar to the Gran Max, namely using a 1,500 cc engine

Meanwhile, penetrating the Japanese export market is also not easy because there are various differences in standards. For example, Japan has safety standards, so that Indonesian products can be exported to Japan must follow the standards of the destination country. However, Daihatsu has proven that it can be done.

“So far there are no problems as long as the products made in each country have different regulations, for example engines, we have to meet Euro standards, we have to meet emissions requirements when ordering when they are available, our production follows changes in each country, so far there haven’t been any problem,” said Agung.

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