Islamic Boarding Schools Can Now Earn Hundreds of Millions from Independent Entrepreneurial Business – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The business carried out by Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia caught the attention of Indonesian Vice President Ma’rif Amin. The reason is, currently, Islamic boarding schools can generate hundreds of millions from businesses driven by their students.

He conveyed this after he visited several stalls of Islamic boarding school (ponpes) business products at the 2023 Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF), which took place at the Jakarta Convetion Center, Thursday (26/10/2023).

“Earlier I saw that there was a halal Tobaku. A shop for halal raw materials. So this shop has already been built, then later the producer will downstream it from raw materials to finished materials. So from upstream to downstream. It has started to be built through Bank Indonesia (BI),” said Ma’ruf.

Furthermore, Bank Indonesia Governor Perry Warjiyo explained that currently there are 17 Islamic boarding schools selling products in Tobaku. However, the potential could be greater considering that in Indonesia there are already more than 1,000 Islamic boarding schools running businesses.

One of the products offered at ISEF comes from the Ushuluddin Islamic Boarding School in South Kalimantan. This Islamic boarding school developed a beef processing business until it succeeded in getting a turnover of IDR 600 million per month.

“The total turnover can be IDR 600 million per month. All of this will be channeled back to finance the Islamic boarding school’s operations,” said Muhammad Thamrin as Chairman of the Foundation when met, Friday, (27/10/2023).

As a supervisor, Bank Indonesia was present to help build a slaughterhouse in the Islamic boarding school area. Then, either fresh meat or what has been processed into meatballs is distributed to the market.

This business chain also contributes greatly to the continuity of Islamic boarding school operations.

“From the Islamic boarding school’s business activities, 70% of the business results come from 30% of the boarding school’s leadership,” said Thamrin.

The government continues to encourage Islamic boarding schools to contribute economically to Indonesia. This is in order to make Indonesia a global halal hub for the world.

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