Internationally Gaza is increasingly tense, Israel announces it is surrounded News – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Israeli military said it had surrounded Gaza, Thursday evening local time. This was confirmed by Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari after days of expanding ground operations.

“The Israeli army has completed the siege of Gaza city, the center of the Hamas terror organization,” Hagari was quoted as telling reporters AFP, Friday (3/11/2023).

“The concept of a ceasefire is currently not at all discussed,” he added.

The report also contains the same thing Al Jazeera. Hagari said Israeli forces “attacked outposts, Hamas headquarters, launched positions and launched infrastructure”.

“We are involved in face-to-face combat,” he was quoted as saying by the Qatari media.

In the observation of local journalists, it was also mentioned how Israeli tanks entered the city. One of them is at Al-Shifa and Jalan Eldeen.

“Heavy firefights took place between the battle groups and Israeli tanks trying to enter the city center,” the report added.

From the same report, the situation in Gaza is reported to be increasingly tense. Friday morning, the sound of ambulances reportedly roared through the area.

Apart from ground operations, Israel continues to bombard the area. The buzz of Israeli military drones was also heard in Gaza.

Even though the UN says around 300,000 Palestinian refugees are still in northern Gaza.

Where according to local doctors, the situation in Gaza “has gone beyond disaster”.

“The corridors are full of injured people. The emergency room is very full. We don’t have the capacity to treat all the injured people,” said Al-Shifa Hospital doctor, Dr Marwan Abusada.

“Many evacuees no longer take shelter in the hospital yard, but are now inside the hospital, including in the corridors. There is a high possibility of infectious diseases spreading between patients and those who are evacuating,” he stressed.

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