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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The President of the United States (US) Joe Biden has just issued a Presidential Regulation (Executive Order) in order to regulate the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

According to White House Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed, the Joe Biden administration’s new rules are the strongest imposed by a country regarding the application of AI.

Draft new regulations have been brewing for the past few months, under the Biden-Harris blueprint for an ‘AI Bill of Rights’.

The government has also held commitments from 15 technology companies to work with the government in developing safe and responsible AI.

The White House apparently does not want to wait for Congress to determine legislative policy, but instead immediately issued an Executive Order to regulate AI.

The reason is, the technology that has become popular thanks to the emergence of ChatGPT is increasingly being used in everyday life. The urgency of this regulation is a priority, because the negative impacts are already lurking if it is not mitigated.

There are 10 Joe Biden mandates contained in the Executive Order. Below, summarized from MashableTuesday (31/10/2023.

  1. Developers of dominant AI systems (OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, Apple) must share results from security testing of their technology with governments.
  2. Security testing of AI technology must meet the high standards set by the National Institute of Standards Technology.
  3. Companies must prioritize security in the development of AI models for science and biology-related projects
  4. AI-processed content must be labeled.
  5. Continuing the ‘AI Cyber ​​Challenge’, namely an initiative from the Joe Biden administration to carry out a cyber security program that ensures that various security gaps in AI systems continue to be improved.
  6. Relies on Congress to enforce data privacy rules.
  7. Evaluate technology companies’ data policies.
  8. Eradicate discrimination carried out by AI.
  9. Attract the best global talent to develop AI.
  10. Ensure AI development continues to protect currently available human jobs.

These various rules will serve as guidelines and create limitations for technology giants in developing AI. That way, they cannot arbitrarily harvest data, sway public opinion, and ‘kill’ jobs through the application of AI.

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