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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The idol group JKT48 opened its official shop on Shopee, namely JKT48 Official Store which presents various exclusive merchandise for its fans. This is certainly welcomed by the fans, aka Wota, to get special and exclusive merchandise from the idols.

Now you don’t need to be confused anymore when you want to buy official merchandise, the JKT48 Official Store collection on Shopee is also complete. Starting from limited edition t-shirts, accessories, to JKT48 CD-DVD + Bluray album collections. The Grand Launching of the JKT48 Official Store was successfully held in a lively manner, on Monday (6/11/2023), with the presence of a special live streaming session from 20.00 to 22.00 WIB, hosted by the beautiful Shani and Melody.

As two senior figures in JKT48, the presence of Shani and Melody successfully electrified the live session so that it felt lively and warm. JKT48 fans and other Shopee users are enthusiastic about interacting with the two idols in real-time on Shopee Live. Shani and Melody’s high flying hours as entertainers also play a big role in their ability to host live streaming on Shopee Live, while promoting various JKT48 merchandise products sold at the JKT48 Official Store.

Moreover, there was a 20% discount promo on Shani and Melody’s Shopee Live Streaming session yesterday. There is also a discount promo of up to 30% + 30% cashback that all Shopee users can enjoy at the Grand Launching of the JKT48 Official Store.

It doesn’t stop there, the high enthusiasm of the audience for the live streaming session at Shopee Live is also thanks to special offers. Viewers who provide comments and make purchases with a minimum total of IDR 100 thousand in yesterday’s JKT48 Shopee Live Streaming session will receive an invitation to watch JKT48’s live performance on the Shopee TV Show.

11.11 Big Sale on November 11 2023. It’s really exciting, right! Loyal Shopee users and JKT48 fans flocked to fill the comments column and buy the products on offer, to get an invitation to watch the live TV Show Shopee 11.11 Big Sale and be able to meet JKT48 in person.

Live Shopping Melody and Shani JKT48 (doc:ist)Photo: Live Shopping Melody and Shani JKT48 (doc:ist)
Live Shopping Melody and Shani JKT48 (doc:ist)Photo: Live Shopping Melody and Shani JKT48 (doc:ist)

The Grand Launching of the JKT48 Official Store was also previously announced by Shani and Melody on their Instagram accounts. In their upload on Saturday (4/11/2023), Shani and Melody invited followers to watch the Shopee Live Streaming Grand Launching of the JKT48 Official Store. The upload was immediately attacked by netizens who were enthusiastic about watching Shani and Melody on Shopee Live.

“Shaniiiiii you are something special, you are more than PERFECT!,” commented one netizen.

“Finally the duo of Captain and Oshi, I live together,” added another netizen.

“Wow, I’m impressed that it’s finally launched on Shopee,” wrote a netizen in the comments column.

Not a few also used yesterday’s live session as an opportunity to greet their two idols who were hosting the live streaming, namely the beautiful Shani and Melodi. Moreover, Shani, who has the status of captain of JKT48, has officially announced his plans to graduate. The audience also showed similar enthusiasm for Melody, the former first generation JKT48 captain who now plays a behind-the-scenes role as part of the JKT48 Operation Team. So as a remedy for fans’ longing, Shani and Melody also sang fragments of JKT48 songs several times in yesterday’s Shopee Live Streaming session.

Throughout the live, Shani and Melody enthusiastically promoted various JKT48 merchandise such as CDs & DVDs, totebags, JKT48 Clear Folder Halloween, and even enamel pins with cute designs. Not to forget, they also reminded you that there was an invitation to watch JKT48 live on the TV Show Shopee 11.11 Big Sale which you could get just by commenting and making a minimum purchase of IDR 100 thousand using a non-COD payment method in the live session. Buyers who successfully fulfill the minimum purchase requirements in yesterday’s live session will receive an invitation to the TV Show Shopee 11.11 Big Sale with JKT48 which will take place on November 11 2023 in Jakarta.

The excitement increased when Shani and Melody gave a challenge to the live audience. If the live reaches a certain number of likes, Shani and Melody will do a kiyowo pose, aka an adorable pose. The comments column became even more lively when the live session managed to get four million likes from the audience. These two beautiful idols immediately showed cute poses, which were greeted with positive comments from netizens. Not a few people praised Shani and Melody in the comments column.

Live Shopping Melody and Shani JKT48 (doc:ist)Photo: Live Shopping Melody and Shani JKT48 (doc:ist)


“Very funny, little captain,”

“I want to hear my first Jiko Oshi again… Sis Melody,”

“Assalamualaikum.. Oshii my legend (kak melody) help sis in waro sis,” “Yesterday I got a real invitation, bro,”

“Si teteh senior with cici captain euy,” “Ci Shani’s voice is really cool,”

“It looks like Shani will accompany GM’s mother to become the captain of the eternal JKT 48 members,” “Jikoshukai first, bro,”

“My oshi and my ex oshi,”

“Sister Melody is active, which makes you enthusiastic haha,”



“Shani is inhumanly beautiful,” “Shani’s S is perfect,”

“Ci report that my thumb is trembling,” “Information that my thumb is trembling,”

“Ci Shani can’t believe it,” “DUO CENTER LEGEND”


Live Shopping Melody and Shani JKT48 (doc:ist)Photo: Live Shopping Melody and Shani JKT48 (doc:ist)

This exciting interaction with the Shopee Live Streaming Grand Launching JKT48 Official Store viewers turned out to not only be entertainment for netizens, but also entertained the beautiful Shani and Melody who were made to laugh out loud when reading the comments.

comments from the audience. Shani and Melody also gave appreciation to the fans and loyal Shopee users who watched their live streaming.

“Oh my God, you guys are really fun, thank you for accompanying us live, I really enjoy laughing live with Shani. Thank you, Shopee friends, you are entertaining,” said Melody, laughing after reading comments from viewers of their live streaming.

“Cheer up guys, thanks,” added Shani, smiling broadly.

Live Shopping Melody and Shani JKT48 (doc:ist)Photo: Live Shopping Melody and Shani JKT48 (doc:ist)

Veteran women are certainly familiar with these two beautiful women. But for those who still don’t know, let’s look at the information. Shani is a member of JKT48 from the 3rd generation who has joined since 2014. The owner of the real name Shani Indira Natio has been appointed as captain of JKT48 since 2021. Nine years of his career at JKT48 and even served as captain, in July 2023 Shani announced his plans to graduate of the idol group that has made a name for itself.

So, Melody is a former member of JKT48 from the first generation. When she was still active as a member of JKT48, this woman born in 1992 was one of the people with the most fans. Joining JKT48 in 2011, the owner of the real name Melody Nurramdhani Laksani has succeeded in becoming one of the outstanding members.

The reason is that in 2013, he was trusted as the captain of the entire team at JKT48. Having had a career as an idol for six years, Melody announced her graduation at the 2017 Request Hour Concert. However, she was still a member of JKT48 until March 2018. Since then, Melody has remained active behind the scenes at JKT48, you know, namely as general manager. Now Melody is still part of the JKT48 Operation Team.

Famous for their loyalty, JKT48 fans often show their support for their idols by buying and buying merchandise. They make these merchandise into collections and keepsakes, because these products are usually produced in limited editions. Moreover, merchandise is also usually released during special JKT48 celebrations such as single releases, concerts, and member birthdays. Buying merchandise felt even more special in yesterday’s Shopee Live Streaming session with the offer of an invitation to watch JKT48 live on the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale TV Show, for buyers who made a minimum purchase of IDR 100 thousand during the live session. The limited invitation quota means buyers have to act quickly to make purchases and ensure the order status has been paid.

If you were one of the fastest buyers in yesterday’s Shopee Live Streaming session, you will later receive a notification from Shopee via Push Notification and must fill out the form in the notification as confirmation of your willingness to attend the Shopee x JKT48 TV Show on November 11 2023. So, check and make sure your Shopee notification is active!

You can also still support your favorite idols by collecting their merchandise. Moreover, now the process of purchasing JKT48 merchandise is even easier with the presence of the JKT48 Official Store on Shopee.

There are many types of products being sold, such as limited edition t-shirts, namely JKT48 Limited T-Shirt Setlist “How to Drink Ramune”. There is also a special edition JKT48 11th Anniversary T-Shirt, as well as a JKT48 LG T-Shirt with the JKT48 logo design which you can choose according to the size you want. This is really suitable for use when watching JKT48 live or can also be used every day. Apart from t-shirts, there are also albums and singles that can be purchased at the JKT48 Official Store on Shopee, such as JKT48 High Tension (CD+DVD), JKT48 Original Single “Rapsodi” (CD+DVD), JKT48 CD Album JOY KICK! TEARS, JKT48 Kachuusa Uza (CD+DVD), yang Each purchase will be given a bonus of 1 random photopack. It doesn’t stop there, there are also additional accessories such as enamel, paper folders, totebags and JKT48 Re:boost Notebook Camo notebooks.

The presence of the JKT48 Official Store is a form of special Shopee x JKT48 collaboration. Previously, JKT48, represented by the beautiful Zee, Freya, Gracia and Christy, had successfully caused a stir among the public by starring in the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale advertisement. The advertisement was broadcast online and offline, and went viral on social media. After appearing in the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale advertisement, the beautiful Zee, Freya, Gracia, and Christy were again in the spotlight of Wota and Indonesian netizens when they hosted the Shopee Live Streaming session on 30-31 October 2023 yesterday.

The success of JKT48’s live session on Shopee Live cannot be separated from the superiority of this live streaming feature which is able to provide real-time interaction between sellers and buyers. Viewers of JKT48’s Shopee Live Streaming session can also ask questions and answers directly with beautiful idols while having fun shopping.

JKT48 fans are even more pampered with the presence of the JKT48 Official Store on Shopee which will make the process of purchasing various merchandise even easier, plus there are various attractive promos that must be taken advantage of.

What are you waiting for? Buy all JKT48 merchandise only on Shopee and take advantage of all the tempting offers, Shopee friends!

For those of you who don’t have Shopee, let’s download the Shopee application for free via the App Store or Google Play and immediately activate ShopeePay.

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