The sad story of Elon Musk’s mental illness because he became CEO of Twitter Tech – 7 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Elon Musk became paranoid after becoming CEO of X (formerly Twitter). Musk even only wants to hold meetings with a maximum of two employees.

“There are many examples of cases when Elon got out of control,” said Ben Mezrich, author of “Breaking Twitter” in an interview, quoted from BusinessInsiderMonday (20/11/2023).

“He became so paranoid that he banned meetings of more than two people on Twitter because he was afraid of an uprising,” he added.

Mezrich said the Tesla CEO was afraid his employees would sabotage the site and there were plans to take him down.

Breaking Twitter focuses on Musk’s takeover of the platform which he made ‘mess’ last year. Mezrich said he gained access to Twitter employees and Musk confidants for information.

Musk’s fears seem to be true. According to an article published last January, The Verge reported that large gatherings had been banned on Twitter.

Amir Shevat, who runs Twitter’s developer platform, told the outlet that Musk’s message was that if anyone was caught holding a large gathering, they could risk being fired.

Musk’s concerns, while they sound extreme, are not entirely wrong. Mezrich said a group of employees planned to quit en masse.

“There is a group of high-level people on Twitter who want to carry out mass resignations,” he said.

“So it wasn’t ‘site sabotage,’ but there were conversations among Twitter employees about finding a way to get everyone to leave the company,” he added.

Mezrich said Musk’s acquisition of X, coupled with the scrutiny and unpopularity that followed, had a serious impact on the billionaire’s mental health.

There have been many incidents of Elon getting out of control. The author thinks that what happened to Musk was part of a response to the world when he felt cornered.

“You can see a lot of that in his behavior,” he concluded.

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