Face Recognition Station Prone to Problems, KAI Must Stop First! Tech – 5 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Elsam asked for a moratorium on the use of facial recognition at train stations. Because there are still many problems since the technology was implemented.

“In my position, I am asking, urging KAI to put a moratorium on the use of facial recognition,” said Executive Director of Elsam, Wahyudi Djafar to CNBC IndonesiaTuesday (21/11/2023).

One thing he highlighted was that the purpose of use and the data collected were not equivalent. Face recognition is used as a verification and authentication tool for those traveling by train.

Meanwhile, biometric data is usually used for risky services. For example, financial and banking transactions.

“Because the goals to be achieved and the data used are too unequal. The use of biometric data should be used for transactions that are risky in nature, for example banking finance,” he said.

Apart from the moratorium, Wahyudi also suggested that KAI delete all facial record data that had been previously collected. After that, provide notification to those who have registered.

KAI was also asked not to go it alone in using facial recognition. Wahyudi said that KAI should collaborate with the Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil) Ministry of Home Affairs.

“Even if we want to continue this innovation in the form of using facial recognition, we will collaborate with Dukcapil. This means that there is no need for a facial record registration process, just refer to the facial recognition data that Dukcapil has,” said Wahyudi.

Dukcapil is indeed tasked with managing population data on Indonesian citizens. Including managing data on people’s facial records.

With data interoperability between the two institutions, KAI can match scan results with facial photos in Dukcapil. KAI does not store passenger facial record data, as is done in the current implementation of facial recognition.

“Now they store facial recording data. They take photos of our faces and then record our faces, they save it. If there is interoperability, only Dukcapil stores data, KAI doesn’t store it,” he said.

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