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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Managing household finances requires special skills so that you don’t go ‘free money’ at the end of the month, so that you still have enough. Paying bills, shopping for daily necessities, and investing are components when managing finances.

The Central Statistics Agency in a report entitled ‘Expenditure for Consumption of the Indonesian Population 2022’ which was released on June 23 2023, noted that the monthly per capita expenditure of the Indonesian population in September 2022 reached IDR 1.39 million. This amount increased by 8.71% compared to monthly per capita expenditure in September 2021 of IDR 1.28 million.

The increase in public spending can occur due to various factors, ranging from increasing daily needs, inflation, to increasing prices.

Head of Tokopedia’s Corporate Affairs Division, Rizky Juanita Azuz, said that along with this, purchases in several categories in e-commerce also increased. In semester I-2023, there will be an increase in spending on Households, Fashion, Automotive, Sports, Hobbies and Groceries.

“There are more than 1.8 billion products registered on Tokopedia which can be reached by people in 99% of sub-districts in Indonesia. Welcoming National Financial Day 30 October 2023, Tokopedia continues to strive to provide various relevant campaigns and features to help people, including new couples, “manage household finances more economically,” said Rizky, Friday (27/10/2023).

For this reason, you need to know tips for managing household finances so you don’t go ‘free money’ in the middle of the month.

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Five tips for managing finances to be more economical:

1. Unify perceptions by discussing and taking detailed notes

Discussing with your partner regarding household financial planning is very important, in order to maintain mutual expectations. Also understand each other’s lifestyles and calculate the monthly income of both parties.

Also know how many routine household expenses, such as electricity bills, water bills, monthly shopping and other bills that must be paid every month.

“Usually when there are a lot of bills, we sometimes forget which bills have been paid and which have not. The implication is that we can even get fined when we finally forget to pay the bill. To reduce this risk, people can use the Manage Bills feature on Tokopedia to be able to pay dozens of types of bills and top-up all at once, via one page,” said Rizky.

2. Prioritize basic needs

Basic needs include various basic needs, from food, clothing, shelter to transportation. You can make a list of basic needs so you can see the budget that must be prepared each month.

Then make notes of various monthly expenses so that the amount is in accordance with the budgeted funds.

“For example, when shopping online, check and compare prices and products first. Take advantage of Tokopedia’s newest feature innovation, namely the Multiple Product Search feature to search for more than one product at once via the search column and get recommendations for selected seller shops that sell all the products you are looking for. ” said Rizky.

With the ‘Multiple Product Search’ feature, users can shop online more easily with cheaper shipping costs. How to use the Multiple Product Search feature on Tokopedia is very easy. Users simply access the search column on the Tokopedia main page and type the product they are looking for, then click the sign on the right.

After that, users can add up to two other products. Then, Tokopedia will recommend a choice of seller’s shops that sell all the products you are looking for.

3. Pay attention to seasonal spending

After calculating and making a list of basic needs, don’t forget to record seasonal expenses when managing household finances. Seasonal expenses are expenses that can occur at any time, or only occur a few times in a certain period of time.

Some examples of seasonal expenses include car repair costs, paying annual taxes such as Motor Vehicle Tax or Land and Building Tax (PBB), vacation costs and many others. It is best for people, including new couples, to manage seasonal expenses to prevent sudden expenses when the time comes.

“People, including new couples, can pay annual taxes such as Motor Vehicle Tax or Land and Building Tax (PBB) easily and online via the Tokopedia Tax Counter with more than 65 payment methods available on Tokopedia,” said Rizky.

4. Prepare unexpected funds through long-term investments

Each couple should have a specific budget for emergency funds for greater peace of mind. Set aside funds from each income and save them in a separate account so that they are not mixed with funds for other purposes.

“Save emergency funds in the form of investments, for example through Tokopedia Emas, because gold is still an investment option that is relatively safe to carry out in the long term,” said Rizky.

Tokopedia PLUSPhoto: Tokopedia Doc

5. Take advantage of features that can make online shopping more economical

To make online shopping more economical, people can also use ‘PLUS’ (formerly PLUS by GoTo), a subscription package from Tokopedia as part of the GoTo Group ecosystem. This feature allows people on the island of Java – and will continue to expand to other areas – to enjoy various products with the PLUS logo with free shipping and faster delivery times.

“Now users can use PLUS with more benefits to get an online shopping experience on Tokopedia that is even more interesting, easy and economical. One of them is unlimited free shipping as much as you like and fixed shipping costs for same-day delivery, with no minimum transaction value,” he said..

Now PLUS also offers free shipping benefits for GoFood purchases from restaurant partners with the GoFood PLUS logo. PLUS also provides other benefits, including Tokopedia Care priority customer service, exclusive promos and price discounts through collaboration with strategic partners.

“Even now PLUS users can also enjoy free application service fees for every purchase of a product with the PLUS logo so that online shopping for various needs on Tokopedia is even more economical,” added Rizky.

All of the PLUS benefits can be utilized by the public at a more affordable subscription fee. For the 1 month PLUS subscription package, there is a 40% discount to IDR 30,000. For the 3 month subscription package, there is a 53% discount to IDR 70,000, or IDR 23,334 per month. Meanwhile, for the 6 month subscription package, there is a 70% discount to IDR 90,000, or IDR 15,000 per month.

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