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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There are several methods to find someone’s whereabouts, one of which is using the cellphone number owned by the person you are looking for.

Currently, cellphones not only function as communication tools, but also as a forum for various activities. Many people feel worried if they are separated from their cellphone because it contains important information.

However, if your cellphone is lost, there is no need to panic because there are still several ways to track it.

As is known, cellphones are constantly connected to the internet, so they always broadcast their location. Even when it is turned off, the cellphone can still be tracked by looking for its last position.

You can do this method on various platforms. For example, with WhatsApp Web or Google Maps.

Here’s the complete way to find someone’s location by cellphone number:

Use WhatsApp Web to track cellphones

  1. Open WhatsApp Web
  2. Go to the message of the person whose location you want to track. You can also ask the person to send another message, if the last message is no longer there. This is useful for getting the person’s IP address.
  3. Next, press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously. The combination will get you into Task Manager.
  4. Press Windows+R together.
  5. Click cmd and tap the Enter key
  6. When the command prompt appears, click netstat and press Enter
  7. Note the IP address that appears
  8. Next, go to https://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/ and track the person’s location by entering the IP address obtained previously.

Google Maps tracking feature

Open the Google Maps application
Enter the Options menu and go to Friend List. Next select Add Friend or Add Friends
Invite the cellphone number of the person whose location you want to know
Make sure the cellphone number has accepted the invitation
Click the contact you want to track. Next, Google Maps will search for it automatically and tell the person’s location.

Track cellphones using satellite

As a note, for this method you need to open the Google Maps application on the cellphone of the person or device whose location you want to track. Here are the steps to track using Google Maps satellite:

  1. Open the Google Maps application on the targeted cellphone.
  2. Click the menu button
  3. Select the location menu, and next go to the share location page and click start
  4. There are location sharing time options, from “For 1 Hour” or “Until disabled”. Click More
  5. Enter the number or email you want to use to track the target cellphone. Click send.

Use email to track cellphones

  1. Open the Gmail application via PC or laptop
  2. Login to the targeted cellphone email account
  3. Select the nine dot icon. Next, click the Google account menu and go to Open My Activity
  4. Click Manage Activities
  5. Go to www.geofind-id.com
  6. Select the country and enter the cellphone number to be tracked
  7. Enter your email and agree to the General Terms and Conditions
  8. Enter the credit card number and complete the required data
  9. There will be a trial period with a certain time on initial use. Learn how to cancel your subscription when you want to unsubscribe.

Track cell phone via operator

1. Telkomsel: Open the call menu and type *250#. After that, the “View/Edit friends list” display will appear, and enter the cellphone number whose location you want to check. Apart from that, you can also send SMS to 5200 with the format “Friend Name Number”.

2. Indosat: Type *777*6*6# and select the family location menu. Apart from that, you can also SMS to number 9111 and send it in the format “SEARCH NOHP”.

3. XL: Type the dial up code *123*573*1# and select the Family Location menu. You can also send an SMS to 9111 with the format SEARCH NoHP

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