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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Cell phones have become an inseparable object in everyday life. If it is lost it will certainly disrupt your activities.

Moreover, cellphones also store a lot of valuable and private information that cannot be seen by just anyone.

However, there’s no need to panic because you can still track it with various tips. Luckily, your cellphone is always connected to the internet.

Because of this, our cell phones always broadcast their location. Even when turned off, cell phones can still be tracked by looking for their last position.

A lost cellphone can be searched using Google, IMEI, telephone number, or even WhatsApp. All these methods will show the last location where the cellphone was. Here’s how:

How to Track a Lost Cell Phone with Google

  1. Open the site google.com/android/find in the browser, then agree to Google to track the location of the lost cellphone

  2. Login to the Google account that is connected to or on your cellphone

  3. If the account is used on more than one cellphone, click the missing cellphone type at the top left

  4. If your cellphone uses more than one Google account, log in with the account that is used as your main profile

  5. A notification will appear on the lost cellphone from Google Play Services and information regarding the cellphone’s location on Maps

  6. However, the location of a lost cellphone may not be accurate and is only an approximate location. If you can’t find it, please see the last location of the cellphone if available

  7. Apart from that, Google has several other features that can help cellphone owners find information about the location of their cellphone

  8. Play Sound: Will make the cellphone ring for 5 minutes without stopping even if it is in vibrate or silent mode

  9. Secure Device: Cellphone owners can lock the device using a PIN, pattern or password and send messages such as numbers

  10. HP to your lock screen. This serves to make it easier for people who find a cellphone to contact the owner

  11. Erase Device (Eraser Device): The owner can delete all data on the cellphone permanently. However, data on external memory such as an SD card may not be deleted. It should be noted, when you use this feature, the Find My Device application will no longer function.

How to Track a Lost Cell Phone with Email

  1. Login to your Gmail account on your cellphone via the browser application on your PC or laptop

  2. Click the nine dot icon at the top right

  3. Select the “Account” option and click the “Security” menu

  4. After that, check the information about the device that has your Gmail access

  5. Select the lost cellphone to track it, then click the “More details” button

  6. Click the “Search device” menu option and you will be directed to Google’s Find My Device service feature.

  7. Maybe the map in the service feature doesn’t show your cellphone’s location accurately, but you can still try this method to estimate your cellphone’s last location.

How to Track a Lost Cell Phone Via WhatsApp

  1. Enter the WhatsApp application using another cellphone and look for the contact or WA number on the lost cellphone

  2. Click on the contact and select the “Attach” or “Attachment” icon

  3. After that, select the location icon for and click “Share Current Location”

  4. Then select Continue and a box will appear containing options for the period of time for which the location sharing will be valid

  5. Select the longest location sharing time, namely 8 hours, then press and select “Next”

  6. The location you shared on the WA number on the lost cellphone will appear

  7. Click the shared location and select the box that says “See current location in the selection box”

  8. The location you sent will appear on the recipient’s cell phone and the recipient will automatically know your location

  9. Then click “Get directions” and enter Google Maps to direct you to the location of the lost cellphone.

How to Track a Lost Cell Phone When It’s Off

  1. Open the Google Maps application

  2. Click the small triangle icon on the right side of the page

  3. Select the “Add Account” option

  4. Enter the email address used on the lost cellphone

  5. Write down the password, then click “I Agree”

  6. After that, click on the small triangle icon at the top left of the page and select the “Timeline” option

  7. Later, the Google Maps application will start showing the location of the lost Android cellphone.

How to Track a Cell Phone with Google Maps

If your cellphone is still safely in your hand, try activating the “sharing location” feature using the Google Maps application with trusted people or your other Google accounts. You can track the exact point where your cellphone was when it was lost as long as the feature is still active. Check out the following steps:

  1. Open the Google Maps application on your cellphone

  2. Click the profile at the top right, then select the “Location Sharing” menu or “Share Location”

  3. Select the tracking time between “For one hour/For 1 hour” or “Until user deactivates/Until you turn this off”

  4. There will be an option for your frequently accessed emails to choose from

  5. Swipe right and click “More” to determine the email you want to share your current location with

  6. Type an email address that you want to trust for location sharing

  7. After that, your cellphone’s location can be tracked as long as you don’t deactivate the location sharing feature

  8. This method makes it very easy when your cellphone is lost. Different from Google’s Find My Device application, this method will provide a more accurate location.

How to Track a Cell Phone Using IMEI

International Mobile Equipment Identity aka IMEI is an identification card that every cellphone has. IMEI numbers cannot be changed or removed and will be different from each other.

The IMEI number gives you a greater chance of finding your lost cellphone, as long as it is connected to your email. To find out the IMEI number, you can find out in the following ways:

  1. Type *#06# without tapping the call button, then the IMEI number will appear automatically.

  2. Open the “Settings” menu on your cellphone > “About Phone” or “About Phone”. Then information will appear regarding the cellphone’s IMEI number.

  3. Next, ask the police or provider for help to track the lost cellphone using the IMEI number. Even though it requires extra effort, this method can be more accurate in finding your lost cellphone.

How to Track a Cell Phone by Phone Number

  1. Open the Google Maps application and go to the “Option” menu, then go to the “Friend List” service

  2. In the Friend List service, enter the lost cellphone number to enter the search process

  3. After that, click on the provider number and wait a few moments

  4. Later, information will appear regarding the current location of the cellphone used on that cellphone number

  5. You can follow the route using Google Maps.

How to Track a Cell Phone with a Special Account

Finally, you can use a special account according to your smartphone brand to track your lost cellphone. iPhone users can use iCloud and Samsung users can rely on Samsung Find My Mobile. Meanwhile, Xiaomi users can track lost cellphones with the help of Mi Cloud.

Next, log in to the browser and enter the email address or special account data connected to the lost cellphone. You will be able to track the current location of your lost cellphone and secure the data on the smartphone.

These are some tips for tracking a lost cellphone. I hope this helps!

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