CNBC Insight This US Billionaire Refuses to Hire Pro-Palestinian Student Entrepreneur – 1 week ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – United States (US) billionaire and owner of Pershing Square Capital Management, Bill Ackman, firmly refused to recruit a group of Harvard University students who blamed Israel for the hot conflict in Palestine in recent days. This statement was made on his personal X (formerly Twitter) account @BillAckman on Wednesday (11/10/2023).

“I have been asked by several CEOs whether Harvard will release the names of students from campus organizations that blame Israel for the heinous actions of Hamas. This is to ensure that none of us accidentally employ one of them,” Ackman wrote.

Ackman also urged the campus not to cover up and immediately release the names of the students so the public can find out. The statement by the billionaire worth US$ 3.6 billion or Rp. 56.5 trillion was welcomed by CEOs and other billionaires.

Under monitoring Forbes, DoveHill Capital Management CEO Jake Wurzak and EasyHealth CEO David Duel agree with Ackman. They want Harvard to immediately release the names of the students so they don’t hire them.

It should be noted that the billionaires’ strong reaction followed a statement of solidarity issued by the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups at the end of last week. In a release circulating, the solidarity group considered Israel to be the party responsible for all violence committed by Hamas.

They consider the attack by Hamas to be the aftermath of Israel’s actions against Palestine which have been carried out for a long time.

“Today’s events did not happen in a vacuum. Over the past 2 decades, millions of Palestinians in Gaza were forced to live in open prisons. Israeli officials instead opened the country’s gates which led to the start of the massacre in Gaza. Palestinians in Gaza had no shelter and no “have nowhere to escape. In the coming days, Palestinians will be forced to bear the brunt of Israel’s violence,” they wrote.

Therefore, in response to this difficult situation, the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups will take firm action to stop what they call the extermination of Palestinians. There are 33 student organizations that have officially signed the statement, including the Harvard College Pakistan Student Association, Harvard Islamic Society, Harvard Kennedy School Muslim Caucus, and so on.

Until now, the Hamas-Israel conflict is still ongoing. Reported Al Jazeeramore than 1,000 people on the Israeli side and at least 921 Palestinians have been killed with more than 4,600 others injured since the Hamas attack on Saturday was followed by Israeli retaliatory attacks.

The number of victims is expected to continue to increase. This death toll figure does not take into account the impact of damage to hospitals, homes and other buildings, which would have cost millions of dollars.

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