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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Skills in operating digital technology are expected to be possessed by all segments of business actors in carrying out their business processes. For this reason, facilities and efforts to realize digital inclusion need to be promoted in order to achieve economic equality in Indonesia.

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI) through the BRI Research Institute in collaboration with the British Government is committed to providing empowerment to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Focused empowerment for women entrepreneurs in the form of training in the fields of digital and financial literacy.

This initiative is based on a national webinar organized by the British Government’s Digital Access Program with the BRI Research Institute on 14 November 2023. With the theme ‘Encouraging Digital Inclusion and the Role of Women Entrepreneurs in the Digital Economy’, this webinar publishes research results regarding the MSME digitalization index.

BRI Micro Business Director Supari revealed that MSMEs, especially the Micro and Ultra Micro Segments, play an important role in supporting economic growth in line with the Golden Indonesia vision.

“This big goal can be realized through empowering and optimizing the potential for demographic bonuses, increasing the number of female residents, increasing the portion of Micro & Ultra Micro business actors, and supported by increasing digital economy, especially in the Micro & Ultra Micro business segment,” said Supari in a broadcast officially, Saturday (18/11/2023).

At this event it was also announced that two provinces would receive special empowerment programs for women entrepreneurs, namely Lampung and West Java. These two provinces were selected based on the results of the MSME digitalization index research which was conducted in October 2023 through an online survey of 3,500 participants.

This research was designed to measure the level of digitalization of MSMEs using seven indicators such as; Digital Infrastructure, Ownership of Tools, Digital Knowledge, Utilization of Digital Services, Trust in Digital Services, Match Between Needs and Content of Digital Services, and Satisfaction and Understanding of Regulations. The results of this research are the basis for a digital acceleration empowerment program, especially for women entrepreneurs in the ultra-micro and micro segments.

Lampung and West Java were chosen as the target areas for the digital and financial community empowerment program, involving 500 female MSMEs. The selection of this province is based on the ranking of the two provinces in the MSME Digitalization Index, one province has a higher ranking than the national average index, while the other province has a lower ranking than the national average index.

This location selection was carried out to compare the results of digital empowerment in locations with different index score conditions. This empowerment aims to improve skills and create opportunities for participants to develop their businesses, increase income and manage their finances.

British Embassy Jakarta Development Advisor Minister, Amanda McLoughlin, said that the British Government’s Digital Access Program recognizes the important role of digital access and literacy in empowering businesses owned by women.

“The digitalization index for MSMEs is tools What is important for us is to understand where the gaps in the digital economy are and what interventions can support the development of MSMEs in Indonesia. “I look forward to continuing to be involved in this critical development area as we strengthen our collaboration with Indonesia for a future powered by digital technology,” he explained.

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