Attorney General Firmly Says Construction of Kominfo 4G BTS Continues Tech – 1 hour ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Attorney General Sanitiar Burhanuddin confirmed that the legal process currently being carried out by the Attorney General’s Office (Kejagung) will not stop the Bakti 4G BTS infrastructure development project.

He said that the Attorney General’s Office would provide assistance in the continuation of the telecommunications infrastructure project, so that it could run simultaneously and with a mechanism that did not conflict with the law.

“The construction of 4G BTS infrastructure is included in the National Strategic Project which concerns the interests of the wider community and is an effort to digital transformation for all the nation’s children,” he said in a press statement, quoted Monday (6/11/2023).

He said that the development of digital technology was not only for educational purposes and strengthening internet networks, but also to develop markets based on local wisdom at the national and global levels.

“In the future, of course the benefits that will be obtained by the community will be extensive. By getting a better network, the success of the 4G BTS project will help advance Indonesia in the field of information technology,” he said.

So far the BTS 4G case has involved 16 suspects in criminal cases of corruption and money laundering. The BTS project corruption case involved former Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G. Plate and President Director of Bakti Anang Latif.

Of the total suspects, several have entered the prosecution stage with the threat of sentences ranging from 6 to 18 years in prison.

The construction of the 4G BTS infrastructure which was planned to be completed in 2020-2021 with a target of 4,200 tower units, only 958 units were realized after initial investigations were carried out in 2022.

Therefore, the state is estimated to lose around IDR 8 trillion out of a total budget of IDR 10 trillion.

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