Apple Boss Gives Piercing Message to Indonesian Citizens Who Own iPhone Tech – 5 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Apple CEO Tim Cook has an important message for smartphone owners. This is related to the use of cellphones which is sometimes considered excessive.

In a report by the AI ​​data research firm entitled State of Mobile 2023, several countries are mentioned where people are addicted to staring at cellphone screens. Indonesia is the country with the highest usage, namely 5.7 hours per day throughout 2022 or a sharp increase from 2019 which was only 3.9 hours a day.

The same report also said Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and South Korea surpassed 5 hours per day of mobile phone use throughout 2022.

Cook himself has important views about this addiction. He said this when asked for a response about people constantly looking at cellphone screens and this affecting their mental condition in an interview with GQ.

According to him, there is something wrong with someone if they look at a screen longer than a person. “My philosophy is, if you look at the screen longer than you make eye contact with other humans, there is something wrong with you,” said Cook in the interview, quoted on Wednesday (18/10/2023).

iPhone is known to have a Screen Time feature. This feature can show the duration of daily smartphone use.

Cook explained that Screen Time was created with the aim of making users aware of whether their relationship with their cellphone was still normal or dangerous. He also admitted to checking the feature report to find out his habits.

“I am very disciplined in checking the Screen Time report to find out whether I am spending too long in front of the cellphone,” he said.

Breaking away from cellphone addiction may be a bit more difficult for those who were born in the digital era than for those who were not. Because this era makes the boundaries between the digital and real worlds very thin.

“Today’s children were born in the digital era. I think it is important to set clear boundaries for them,” explained Cook.

Cook emphasized that the main essence of technology is to help humans do things that previously could not be done. Apart from also learning things that were previously inaccessible.

“The role of technology is limited to that. It’s a shame if people spend too much time in front of their cellphones,” he explained.

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