Latest BMKG Forecast Regarding the Beginning of the Rainy Season at RI Tech – 19 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The start of the rainy season in Indonesia is not expected to occur simultaneously. In fact, several areas already entered the rainy season last October.

“So in general, in parts of Sumatra, including Bengkulu, parts of Kalimantan it has started, in Central Sulawesi, Maluku, West Papua and Papua, the rainy season has started in October,” said Head of BMKG Dwikorita Karnawati in a webinar entitled When is the Rainy Season Coming, Saturday (28/10/2023).

Meanwhile, the island of Java will only enter the start of the rainy season this November. Other areas that experienced the same thing were southern Sumatra, southern Kalimantan and parts of Papua, and this continued in December.

Dwikorita also explained the reasons for the differences in the start of the rainy season in Indonesia. This difference depends on the longitude coordinate position of a region.

Meanwhile, several areas experienced a delayed start to the rainy season. The number of regions reached 446 ZOM with an average decline of three basics.

“Most of the regions, namely 64 percent, including parts of Java, parts of South Sumatra and parts of South Kalimantan experienced a decline,” he explained.

However, there are also areas where the rainy season is earlier than before. “If (the rainy season) advances a little, it advances 1 basis around East Kalimantan, in parts of North and Central Sulawesi, as well as parts in Sulawesi,” said Dwikorita.

The peak of the rainy season for the 2023/2024 period is estimated to occur in January and February 2024. This will occur at 385 ZOM or 55.08%.

For 351 ZOM, the peak of the rainy season will occur normally. Meanwhile, 203 ZOMs are backward from normal and advanced from normal by 145 ZOMs.

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