16:09 Road To CNBC Indonesia Awards Definite Steps for PDSI Pertamina to Boost National Oil and Gas Production News – 1 hour ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- CNBC Indonesia is preparing to hold the 2023 CNBC Indonesia Awards as a form of appreciation for the performance achieved by economic actors and the business world throughout 2023.

Ahead of the 2023 CNBC Indonesia Awards, CNBC Indonesia is holding the 2023 Road to Indonesia Awards for the “Best Energy Companies” category which will showcase the role and prospects of the energy and mineral resources sector in driving Indonesia’s economic progress.

President Director of PT Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia, Rio Dasmanto, in the CNBC Indonesia Awards Road confirmed Pertamina Drilling Services’ support to encourage national energy security.

From the oil and gas sector, efforts to strengthen energy security are carried out through increasing national oil and gas production. So what is PDSI Pertamina’s strategy to strengthen energy security, including EBT?

For further details, see Andi Shalini’s dialogue with the Main Director President Director of PT Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia, Rio Dasmanto and Finance Director of PT PLN Indonesia Power, Endang Astharanti and Chief Financial Officer of Sun Energy, Evy Susanty in the Road to CNBC Indonesia Awrds 2023, CNBC Indonesia (Tuesday, 10/31/2023)

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