Basic Food Prices Still Flying, in DKI Sugar Approaching IDR 20,000 News – 1 hour ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Prices of a number of food items were observed to continue their increase today. Rice, red cayenne pepper and corn are reportedly still on an upward trend in price.

The Food Agency Price Panel noted that today (Thursday, 19/10/2023), the price of medium rice rose again, by IDR 10 to IDR 13,220 per kg. Meanwhile premium rice is perched at IDR 14,960 per kg.

The price of red cayenne pepper rose IDR 480 to IDR 51,610 per kg and pure beef rose IDR 640 to IDR 134,940 per kg.

The price of consumer sugar also increased by Rp. 10 to Rp. 15,560 per kg and non-bulk packaged wheat flour) increased by Rp. 50 to Rp. 13,630 per kg.

Likewise, the price of corn at the farmer level increased by IDR 150 to IDR 7,120 per kg.

This price is the national daily average at the retail trader level (data accessed at 12.58 WIB).

Jakarta Food Information also reported an increase in retail prices for a number of food ingredients today (data accessed at 13.25 WIB).

It is recorded that the price of all types of compact rice has increased today. The price of IR I (IR 64) rice rose by Rp. 22 to Rp. 13,759 per kg, IR II (IR 64) Ramos rice rose slightly to Rp. kg, Muncul I rice rose IDR 12 to IDR 14,142 per kg, IR 42 (Pera) rice rose IDR 79 to IDR 14,891 per kg, and Setra I (Premium) rice rose IDR 66 to IDR 14,237 per kg.

The price of curly red chilies rose IDR 349 ​​to IDR 48,571 per kg and garlic rose IDR 298 to IDR 40,609 per kg.

The price of purebred chicken eggs also rose today by IDR 27 to IDR 26,560 per kg, the price of pure beef rose IDR 849 to IDR 139,404 per kg and beef hash (hind thighs) rose IDR 895 to IDR 144,500 per kg.

The price of consumer sugar in Jakarta today jumped IDR 3,371 to IDR 18,571 per kg.

The price of wheat flour increased by IDR 38 to IDR 10,916 per kg. The price of table salt also increased by IDR 1,748 to IDR 5,304 per 250 grams.

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