07:31 Video Not only is the Rupiah weakening, this is the effect of global market turmoil on Indonesia! My Money – 1 hour ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- Global financial market turmoil has prompted the flight of foreign funds from the Indonesian capital market. As of October 25, there was a recorded capital outflow of IDR 5.19 trillion in the domestic stock market in the last month.

President Director of Star Asset Management, Reita Farianti sees the potential for an increase in the Fed’s benchmark interest rate at the end of this year as an effort by the central bank to suppress inflation. This condition had an impact on depressing the exchange rate, including the Rupiah, and influenced the direction of BI policy.

How do market players view financial market turmoil? What is the impact on capital outflow from the domestic market? For complete details, see Anneke Wijaya’s dialogue with the President Director of Star Asset Management, Reita Farianti at Power Lunch,CNBCIndonesia (Wednesday, 25/10/2023)

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