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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Two Chinese giants, Alibaba and Xiaomi, are investing in an AI startup to compete with the world’s current main chatbot player, OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Apart from these two names, investment also came from Tencent, Sequoia and Hillhouse.

In a statement, a startup called Zhipu had raised more than 2.5 billion yuan (Rp. 5.4 trillion) in funding, quoted from CNBC InternationalMonday (23/10/2023).

Zhipu is a startup that creates AI models that are trained based on large amounts of data. With this data, it is hoped that it can support a number of applications.

The company has also released its own generative AI chatbot. Where AI will produce answers according to the response to the user’s request.

ChatGPT is the chatbot that gave rise to the AI ​​industry. Since its launch last year, many companies in a number of countries have tried to develop their own AI products.

This also happens in China. AI is indeed growing rapidly in this country.

CNBC International noted that China views AI as being able to help its domestic economic output. The country plans to increase computing power by 50% by 2025, to help develop AI applications.

Apart from that, many Chinese technology giants are reportedly investing in these startups. One of them is Baichuan, which announced that it had pocketed US$300 million last week. Alibaba and Tencent are some of the investors in this AI startup.

Not only capitalizing on startups, Chinese giants are also developing AI. Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu are reportedly developing their own AI models and have released their products as well.

However, China’s efforts are also being challenged by the United States (US). The two countries are known to have not very good relations and are constantly trying to dominate in various fields including technology.

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