Xi Jinping Suddenly Gives the Red Carpet to Elon Musk Tech – 16 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Chinese President Xi Jinping told Tesla CEO Elon Musk that he would support Tesla’s development in China.

This is known from the carmaker’s Weibo account statement on Thursday (16/11).

Musk expressed his gratitude and praised the rapid development of China’s new energy vehicle sector, as quoted from ReutersFriday (17/11/2023).

It is known that geopolitical relations between the United States (US) and China have become increasingly heated in recent months, especially in the technology sector.

Both countries boycotted each other and accused each other’s technology of endangering national security.

Tesla, which is a US company, was also affected. In fact, they are the largest electric car player in China.

Some time ago, China ‘attacked’ Tesla on classic accusations about security. Local media reported that airports in southern China banned the parking of Tesla cars.

However, drop-off and pick-up methods with Tesla cars are still allowed.

The ban on parking Tesla cars is due to the ‘sentry mode’ feature, namely a camera on the outside of the car which is used to detect suspicious activity when the owner is away.

The purpose of sentry mode is to prevent thieves from stealing items in the car. Similar features are also available on electric cars made in China. However, Tesla’s status as a US company makes the local government worried.

Responding to this, Tesla explained that the data collected by sentry mode is only stored offline on a USB device in the car.

“Unlike other brands, Tesla owners and other people cannot view your car data remotely via sentry mode,” wrote a Tesla representative via their Weibo account.

Tesla also emphasized that sentry mode must be activated manually by the car owner. The camera only works when a threat is detected.

Finally, Tesla also reminded Chinese citizens that its data center technology complies with the regulations in force in the Bamboo Curtain country. This clarification is to ensure that Tesla products comply with user privacy security.

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