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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – China claims to now have the fastest internet in the world transmitting 1.2 Tbps or more than 1200 Gbps.

At that speed, China’s internet is capable of sending 150 4K movies in less than a second. In addition, it can transfer all global content on Netflix.

Its speed is said to have exceeded global expectations by introducing the world’s first next-generation fiber internet service with speeds 10 times that of its closest competitors, the US and South Korea.

The new backbone network includes more than 3,000 km of fiber optic cable, having the capacity to transmit data at a speed of 1.2 Tbps. The route connects Beijing in the north, Wuhan in central China, and Guangzhou in Guangdong Province in the south.

Activated in July and officially launched on Monday (13/11), China’s internet network surpassed all previous tests and worked reliably, marking a significant milestone for the country.

Quote Firstpostthe collaboration behind this achievement involves Tsinghua University, China Mobile, Huawei Technologies, and Cernet Corporation.

This achievement is contrary to industry predictions, as experts predict that the emergence of ultra-high-speed networks of 1 Tbps will only be around 2025.

Most internet backbone networks in the world currently operate at 100 Gbps, and the United States recently completed the transition to 5G Internet at 400 Gbps.

The Beijing-Wuhan-Guangzhou connection is part of the ambitious Future Internet Technology Infrastructure (FITI) project, a decade-long initiative and the latest continuation of the China Education and Research Network (Cernet).

FITI project leader Wu Jianping of the Chinese Academy of Engineering stressed that the superfast line was not only successfully operated but also equipped the country with the advanced technology needed to build a faster internet.

Huawei Technologies Vice President Wang Lei, while speaking at a press conference at Tsinghua University, highlighted the network’s ability to transfer data equivalent to 150 high-quality movies in just one second.

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