Whoosh Fast Train Still Speeding in Heavy Rain, Is It Safe? News – 48 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Entering the rainy season, various anticipatory steps to secure the operation of the Whoosh fast train have been prepared by KCIC. Passenger safety and comfort are the most important things in the operation of the Whoosh Fast Train.

KCIC Corporate Secretary Eva Chairunisa revealed that KCIC has various instruments to protect fast trains from danger, such as the Disaster Monitoring Center, sensors that detect safety threats such as foreign objects along the route, and the Disaster Monitoring Terminal in Tegalluar as a disaster data management center.

“KCIC also has a data management center which is equipped with sophisticated devices to monitor and manage all aspects of security. This is our commitment to provide strict control over any situation that may occur,” he said in a written statement, Sunday (12/11/2023 ).

The Whoosh Fast Train has also been designed to be able to operate optimally in 4 season countries and 2 season countries through installed sensors related to rain and lightning. The construction and KCIC400AF have been adapted to the tropical climate conditions in Indonesia

To detect threats from rain, KCIC has installed sensors every 20 km along the route. The sensor will send data related to rain intensity to the control center. If detected rainfall has the potential to pose a threat, mitigation measures can be taken immediately, one of which is by reducing the maximum travel speed.

A view of the Whoosh High Speed ​​Train's wheelhouse.  (Doc: KCIC)Photo: View of the Whoosh High Speed ​​Train wheelhouse. (Doc: KCIC)
A view of the Whoosh High Speed ​​Train’s wheelhouse. (Doc: KCIC)

Not only detecting rain, to protect against the threat of strong winds, there are 17 sensor units that can measure wind direction and speed. KCIC has also used a complete Lightning Protection System so that it can increase travel safety in the event of lightning strikes.

“In terms of construction, KCIC has and will continue to ensure that the fast train line has good drainage so that high rainfall will not endanger the fast train line,” he added.

The high-speed train line itself consists of 82.7 km of elevated track, 42.7 km of above-ground track, and 13 tunnels with a total tunnel length of 16.8 km. All infrastructure on the Whoosh Fast Train route is guaranteed to be in reliable condition and ready to face this rainy season.

The various features implemented on the Whoosh Fast Train are used to anticipate various potential external disturbances that could hinder or even endanger the Whoosh Fast Train journey.

Apart from that, all routes that the fast train passes are also equipped with safety fences to sterilize the route from unauthorized people or animals. This is very important considering that there is a lot of high-voltage electrical equipment on site and the high-speed train will stop if there are foreign objects, people and animals on the track because it endangers safety.

“To improve supervision, KCIC has also installed CCTV along the route and alerted officers for direct observation in the field. Through these steps, it is possible to respond quickly to emergency situations and detect if there is movement of foreign objects or other things that endanger safety,” he concluded .

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