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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The government is currently preparing government regulations regarding the new civil servant salary scheme. In the future, the salary scheme for civil servants will be similar to employees in BUMN. Because, the basis for assessment is not only rank, but also performance.

Head of the Data, Communication and Public Information Bureau of the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Mohammad Averrouce said that his party is currently preparing a PP which will become the implementing regulation of Law Number 20 of 2023 concerning the State Civil Apparatus which will change the scheme for providing salaries to civil servants. country.

According to him, the salary scheme will be similar to employees in the private sector. Because, the basis for assessment is not only rank, but also performance.

“Best practice in the business world or private sector must all be linked to performance, that is best practice in all welfare management,” said Averrouce when met at the DPR building, Jakarta, quoted on Tuesday (14/11).

The PP referred to by Averrouce is regulations regarding awards, recognition and ASN management budgets. This PP is being drafted by the government together with the DPR as implementing regulations for the ASN Law. Apart from salary matters, the government is preparing another PP which regulates ASN management.

He said that in the regulations prepared by the government, the most absolute assessment for ASN is performance. Regarding the salary amount, Averrouce said the government and the DPR were still discussing it. Discussions will also involve other ministries, such as the Ministry of Finance. He hopes that the PP regarding ASN awards and income will be completed in April 2024.

“Because this has fiscal impacts, you have to be careful,” said Averrouce.

PANRB Minister Abdullah Azwar Anas in a meeting with Commission II of the DPR RI said that the two PPs contained at least 19 substances. These substances include emphasizing the importance of performance as a basis for evaluating civil servants and simplifying the mechanism for dismissing civil servants whose performance is not good.

Averrouce said the government wants to imitate the civil servant salary policy that has been implemented in a number of countries such as Singapore, Australia and South Korea. He said that the salaries of civil servants or state civil servants there were equivalent to the salaries of private employees. “It’s competitive,” he said.

He said he had a friend who was an ASN employee in South Korea. Previously, his friend worked as a director at a ministry in South Korea. Currently, said Averrouce, his friend has been appointed as director of a BUMN in South Korea.

“Because the salary is competitive. We hope that is emphasized, proportional and fair,” he said.

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