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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Draft Government Regulation (RPP) for ASN Management as a derivative regulation from Law no. 20/2023 concerning State Civil Apparatus is targeted for completion in the near future. This rule will regulate the work, assessment and welfare of ASN.

To speed up the preparation of these derivative regulations, the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) requested input and suggestions regarding substantive issues from the Regional Representative Council (DPD) of the Republic of Indonesia at a Working Meeting with Committee I of the DPD RI, Tuesday (14/11).

“One of the main issues discussed is the arrangement of honorary/non-ASN employees, which continues to be arranged. Thank you for the input from DPD friends,” said PANRB Minister Abdullah Azwar Anas.

Minister Anas explained that there are a number of steps in government policy direction regarding the arrangement of non-ASN personnel. Among other things, the government has allocated an 80 percent quota for former THK-II and honorary workers who have served in the 2023 ASN recruitment.

“This means that the government is placing non-ASN personnel who have served to be given confirmation first to enter PPPK,” added Anas.

Anas explained that the results of data collection on non-ASN employees amounted to 2.3 million employees, divided into 325,517 in central agencies and 2.02 million in regional agencies.

“Of that number, some have become ASN from selections carried out from year to year. We project that the remaining non-ASN personnel in 2024 will be 1.6 million,” said Minister Anas.

Still within the framework of ASN management transformation, Anas next conveyed the direction of the 2023 ASN compliance policy which focuses on four things. This focus includes basic services, optimizing the completion of non-ASN personnel, fulfilling technical personnel in priority sectors, and reducing recruitment for positions that will be affected by digital transformation.

In 2023, Anas continued, 567,166 formations have been established, divided into 77,161 at the central level and 490,005 at the regional level. “Currently the selection process is ongoing, and there will definitely be no more entrustment system,” said the former head of the Goods and Services Procurement Policy Institute (LKPP).

Anas added that there are 16 substances included in this ASN Management RPP. Among these are strengthening work culture, expanding the scope and working mechanisms of Government Employees with Employment Agreements (PPPK), structuring non-ASN personnel, managerial and non-managerial positions, reciprocity between ASN and TNI soldiers/Polri members, improving the welfare of ASN, the rights and obligations of ASN , determining ASN needs, and procuring CASN.

Then there is strengthening the performance of ASN employees, talent and career development, competency development, dismissal of ASN, ASN professional organizations, digitalization of ASN management, and dispute resolution.

On the same occasion, Chairman of Committee I DPD RI Fachrul Razi expressed the support of all DPD RI senators for the PANRB Ministry’s program in strengthening bureaucratic reform in the regions. He believes that the birth of the new ASN Law is a hope for honorary and PPPK staff who need definite answers regarding their status.

“Today the state is showing its presence in fighting for honorary workers and PPPK so that they can have a fate that is guaranteed legally and regulated in law. We will continue to support and collaborate between Committee I DPD RI and the Ministry of PANRB,” concluded Fachrul.

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