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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Even though it’s hard to believe, it turns out that there are children who have personality disorders such as psychopaths. Prakash Masand, a psychiatrist and founder of the Centers of Psychiatric Excellence, describes psychopathic people as individuals who demonstrate a pattern of manipulation and violence towards others.

However, in the general public, the use of the word psychopath is often associated with cold-blooded killers, as is often depicted in films. In fact, this is not always the case. Even, some psychopaths later become successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Launch Very Well Family, one study estimates that about 3% of business leaders actually suffer from psychopathy. Researchers estimate that about 1% of the adult population meets the criteria for psychopathy.

like adults, There are several signs that you can see in children. The following are indications of psychopathy in children that you need to know.

Signs of a psychopathic child

A 2016 study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan showed that early signs of psychopathy can be seen in children as young as 2 years old. Even at this age, they show differences in empathy and conscience.

The study assessed callous and unemotional (CU) behavior in children ages 2 to 4 based on the following characteristics:

1. The child does not appear guilty after making a mistake

2. Punishment does not change your child’s behavior.

3. Children are selfish/don’t want to share

4. Children often lie

5. The child is sneaky and tries to hurt you

The researchers followed up with the children again when they were 9 years old. They found that children who showed the most behavior problems as toddlers or preschoolers were more likely to show behavior problems associated with psychopathy later in childhood.

A child with psychopathy displays traits similar to those of adults suffering from psychopathy. For example, they may commit acts of harm to animals or try to kill animals for fun.

Teenagers sometimes hurt and kill animals for sexual gratification. This often occurs in psychopathy/conduct disorders and antisocial personality disorders.

Psychopath diagnosis

There is no single test that indicates that a child may be suffering from psychopathy, but psychologists have several tests to help them assess and measure the symptoms a child is experiencing.

One of the most commonly used assessments is the Youth Psychopathic Traits Inventory (YPI). This instrument is a self-report instrument, meaning that teenagers are given a test and asked to answer questions about themselves. It is intended to measure personality traits, not behavior.

This test assesses the following symptoms:

  • -Dishonest
  • Narcissism
  • Lie
  • Manipulation
  • Callousness
  • Not emotional
  • Have no compassion
  • Impulsive
  • Looking for sensation
  • Not responsible

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