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Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaTransmart Full Day Sale is back again with big discounts. Transmart’s all-day discount party takes place tomorrow, Sunday (5/11/2023) in all stores throughout Indonesia. The discount promotion starts from when the outlet opens around 10.00 until 22.00 local time.

Transmart Full Day Sale comes with discounts of up to 50%, and there is an additional 20% discount if you transact using Allo Prime, Allo Paylater, Bank Mega credit card, or Bank Mega Syariah credit card.

This discount applies to many goods, such as fresh produce and chicken meat, household necessities, furniture, children’s and adult clothing, electronic goods, even electric bicycles, guaranteed discounts.

So, before coming to the Transmart Full Day Sale, first read the terms and conditions for the Transmart Full Day Sale Sunday, November 5 2023, as follows:

1. Additional 20% discount only for using Allo Prime, Allo Pay Later Bank Mega & Mega Syariah credit cards.

2. The additional 20% discount is only valid on 29 October 2023 from store opening – 22.00 (Local Time) in all Transmart stores.

3. Especially for electronics, maximum purchase of 2 units per category (TV, AC, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Audio (PAS Pro Type)) Small Appliance without restrictions.

4. Especially for daily needs, purchase a maximum of 12 units per product item.

5. Especially for purchasing a maximum of 2 chickens & 2 kg meat.

6. Especially for Electric Bicycles, maximum purchase is 2 units.

7. Especially for Cosmetics and Fragrances, the regular 10% discount applies & discounts do not apply at Body Shop & Sport Station.

8. Discounts do not apply to Cooking Oil, Baby & Children’s Milk, Instant Noodles, Rice, Flour, Eggs, Cigarettes, Alcoholic Drinks, Parcels/Hampers, Gadgets and Laptops, and other products marked “Not Applicable Discount”.

9. Discount does not apply to Mega Corporate, Mega Wholesale Card, Mega Groserindo, TVS & Trans Hello cards.

10. Non-refundable and does not apply to wholesale purchases (Merchants).

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