Transmart Full Day Sale Prices for Children’s Clothes So Cheap at Transmart Full Day Sale Tomorrow News – 10 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Transmart is once again greeting customers with an all-day discount party entitled Full Day Sale tomorrow, Sunday (5/11/2023). This time, Transmart is giving shopping discounts of up to 50% + 20% for customers.

This discount of up to 50% applies to various products. Starting from fresh meat, fashion, furniture, to electronic products, such as TVs, ACs, refrigerators, to electric bicycles. Meanwhile, customers can get an additional 20% discount if they pay using a Bank Mega, Bank Mega Syariah or Allo Prime credit card from Allo Bank.

Children’s clothes are also one of the items with big discounts in this program.

Of course, this discount must be used to dress your beloved child in the best clothes. For example, there are T shirts from the California Kids and Little T brands which are priced at a special price of IDR 35,000.

Then there is also Children’s Apparel from Kids Icon which is discounted 50% + 20%. Then the jsp962 baby & kids brand is also offering a 50% discount this time. Meanwhile, for the special Cardinal Kids brand, the discount reaches 30%.

All these items will get an additional 20% if you pay using a Bank Mega Credit Card, Bank Mega Syariah, or Allo Prime from Allo Bank.

Interesting, right? So just rush for the discount at the nearest Transmart outlet before this Full Day Sale promo ends. Don’t forget to pay for your purchases using Bank Mega or Allo Bank so you can enjoy various conveniences and attractive discount promos!

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