Transmart Full Day Sale Lots of Discounts Tomorrow! Pears at Transmart are worth as much as fried food News – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Pears contain nutrients and phytochemicals that are good for the body, such as lowering cholesterol, preventing wrinkles, and protecting yourself from free radicals. Apart from being useful, this fruit with the Latin name pyrus pyrifolia has a sweet and soft taste, with a slightly sour taste.

If you are interested in the benefits of pears, you can buy this fruit at the Transmart retail network. The reason is that Transmart is again presenting a big discount party, Transmart Full Day Sale, on Sunday (22/10/2023).

Customers will get a massive discount promo which is valid at all Transmart outlets throughout Indonesia from the time the shop opens until 22.00.

In this program, the discounted pear product is Pear Century which can be obtained for IDR 2,240 from the normal price of IDR 2,800 for the Medan and Palu areas. Then in Denpasar, Pear Century is priced at IDR 1,760 from the normal price of IDR 2,200.

Then in the Pangkalpinang and Padang areas respectively IDR 1,800 from the normal price of IDR 2,250 and IDR 2,312 from the normal price of IDR 2,890. Then for Mataram and Pekanbaru, this product is priced at IDR 2,072, the normal price is IDR 2,590.

Furthermore, in the Bandung, Balikpapan, Karawang and Manado areas, the price of Pear Century is IDR 1,840 from the normal price of IDR 2,300. Then in Jabodetabek, Makassar and Kupang the price is IDR 1,752 from the normal price of IDR 2,190.

Lastly for the Jambi, East Java, Central Java, Lampung, Palembang and Pontianak regions priced at a price of IDR 1,512 from the normal price of IDR 1,890.

Not only fruit, Transmart Full Day Sale also provides special offers for other products, such as various daily necessities, electronic goods, and even electric bicycles.

Interesting right? You can get all these prices if you make payments using Allo Bank, Bank Mega and Bank Mega Syariah. The discount can be up to 50%+20%, you know!

Prey! Raid your nearest Transmart and enjoy all the discounts on Sunday, October 22 2023.

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