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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PThe development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has continued to change in recent years. Its large role as a global innovation means that AI continues to develop until it reaches various fields.

As is known, AI technology is defined as the latest technology for carrying out tasks that require human intelligence, and is a major factor in driving the progress of innovation and technology throughout the world.

Many AI innovations are currently occurring, such as self-driving cars, worker robots, GPT chat and other innovations.

AI has now revolutionized the financial industry with algorithms that are able to analyze data in real-time, identify customer problems and help solve them.

This development helps many companies operating in the financial industry optimize operations and provide better services to customers. Especially on mutual fund investment platforms.

One of the mutual fund investment platforms that is now equipped with AI technology is Makmur. Currently, Makmur is recorded as selling more than 100 mutual funds from 14 investment managers.

With a complete selection of mutual fund investments and a variety of the latest features following current developments, it is hoped that prosperous customers can achieve their financial goals.

For your information, Makmur has the latest features with the latest technology called Mavis GPT.

Mavis GPT is an artificial intelligence from Makmur that is ready to help customers become more skilled in investing. Customers simply provide instructions to ask questions according to their wishes to obtain various information.

The following are the uniqueness and advantages of the prosperous mutual fund investment platform that users can enjoy with AI technology.

1. Ease of Access

Mavis GPT provides easy access for novice investors to learn and understand the basic concepts of mutual fund investment. By understanding mutual fund products, it is hoped that the financial literacy of novice investors will increase. This is in line with Makmur’s goal which focuses on increasing the financial literacy of people in Indonesia.

Not only focusing on financial literacy, Makmur also makes it easy for novice investors to start investing from IDR 10 thousand with an easy and short registration process. Everything is done online, making it easier for novice investors to invest in mutual funds anytime and anywhere.

2. Display the best product information

Currently there are more than 100 mutual fund products available at Makmur. Sometimes, it will make some of you confused in choosing which product provides the best investment performance.

Mavis will help to display the best and most complete product information in just seconds and make it easier for you to invest without having to worry about choosing and analyzing one product from another.

3. Comparing Mutual Fund Products

Apart from that, you can make comparisons between Mutual Fund products at Makmur. With Mavis GPT you can get information on the comparison of mutual fund products according to the one you want to choose. This will give you additional information before deciding to invest in a product and type of mutual fund.

4. Helps with savings planning

Mavis GPT can be used to plan mutual fund savings. Mavis GPT will help you calculate your mutual fund savings plan according to your desires and financial goals.

With superior features equipped with the latest technology and the appearance design of the Makmur application which is also very simple, it will make it easier for you to invest in mutual funds easily anytime and anywhere.

No need to worry anymore when you want to invest and withdraw your investment profits.

So what are you waiting for? Come on, try investing in mutual funds through Makmur.

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