There is Jockey Practice in CPNS 2023, Attorney General Opens Suara News – 1 hour ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Attorney General’s Office found that participants were still cheating in participating in the basic competency or SKD selection process for prospective civil servants (CPNS). One form of fraud found is the use of jockeys.

Attorney General ST Burhanuddin revealed that findings of this practice of jockeying were found in Lampung. According to him, the perpetrator was arrested by the Internal Prosecutor’s Organization (SDO) Resource Security Team in the jurisdiction of the Lampung High Prosecutor’s Office.

Based on this incident, Burhanuddin emphasized that if someone is found to be disrupting the ongoing acceptance process, the Attorney General will not hesitate to take firm action, including if it is found that insiders or internal parties involved in the Prosecutor’s Office are involved.

“We will deploy an internal monitoring team at Intelligence so that the recruitment process runs transparently and objectively, in order to obtain quality and superior human resources to become law enforcement officers,” said the Attorney General.

Apart from that, Burhanuddin also appealed to the public so that no one should trust parties who can manage or simplify the recruitment process to become Prosecutor’s Office employees.

“We need the nation’s best sons and daughters to become part of the Adhyaksa Corps,” said the Attorney General.

In 2023, the number of ASNs registering with the Prosecutor’s Office will reach 214,207 CPNS participants and 1,132 CPPPK participants with the number of CPNS acceptance being 7,846 employees and PPPK 249 employees.

According to Burhanuddin, the large number of employee recruitment quotas this year shows that the government has put full trust in the Prosecutor’s Office to strengthen it through additional human resources personnel.

So, with this trust, he ensures that he will receive employees with adequate Human Resources (HR) and who are truly ready to serve themselves as Young Adhyaksa People.

“I believe that a good implementation of CPNS recruitment will produce good quality human resources,” emphasized the Attorney General.

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